Review Policy

At A Reader’s Review we read and review both adult and young adult fiction. We enjoy most genres, notably fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, historical, crime thrillers and contemporary. Romance is a common theme throughout most of what we read!

Our site reviews newly published works as well as books which have been around for a while but which we have enjoyed and we believe readers may find of interest. Whilst we love to read and review authors published by the big publishing houses, we are always on the lookout for books by independent authors who are self-published or books which are published through smaller publishers.

We review both print and e-books. In reviewing a book we try to give the reader an idea about the basic plot and the characters without giving too much away, before commenting on the author’s writing style, coming to an overall conclusion and critique and recommending who is likely to enjoy it. We currently do not rate books on a sliding scale believing that the reader will be able to decide whether or not they want to read a book from the comments made in our reviews. This may change as we read and review more books!

We welcome and encourage comments from other readers either on our main blog site or through our Facebook page


We currently purchase most of the books we review or borrow them from our local lending library. Where a book has been given to us to by an author or publisher for the purpose of a review we will state this alongside the review. If an author or publisher gives us a book for a giveaway or competition we will state this also.

We are not paid to carry out book reviews or endorse any product and our reviews always reflect our honest opinion of our reading experience. Where we have received a sample product for the purposes of a review this does not in any way affect our reviews as they are always our own opinions of the book. Similarly we receive no remuneration, financial or otherwise, for permitting an author or publisher to post articles on our site. We permit or invite them to do so at our own discretion to help inform our readers and stimulate debate.

We are currently not a member of any affiliate programme and as such gain no remuneration from any purchase readers may make from clicking on any of the links to an online bookseller they may find on our site.

Requesting a Review

For authors or publishers who wish to request a review, please send us the title of the book. This should be supported by a plot summary and details about the author and publisher or a relevant link detailing this.

This information can be sent to either of us:          

We will respond to you stating whether we have decided to review the book and when we expect to have read and posted the review. (Please note that due to our ever increasing book list this may take a few weeks.) We will always email you a link to the review. If we feel that your book is for an adult audience, we will state this alongside the review.

Our preferred format for receiving books for review is Mobipocket as the Kindle is our current e- book reader. If you are unable to provide this format we are willing to accept alternatives such as a paperback version.

Partnership Working

Within our review policy, set out above, we are happy to consider approaches from authors, publishers or other websites and blogs within the book review world who wish to discuss possible reviews, carry out guest posts or host giveaways through the site. We also value feedback from our readers who are invited to send their comments and suggestions to us. Please contact one of us as detailed above.

Drafted 16th February 2013

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  1. vvaught512 says:

    Do you also post on Amazon and Goodreads?

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