**REVIEW** Jared (River Pack Wolves #3) by Alisa Woods

If you are a fan of shifter paranormals with plenty of heat, action and romance then you REALLY need to pick up an Alisa Woods book. With her already successful NA short story series’, True Alpha and Dark Alpha, River Pack Wolves is the author’s full story, third series. Each story of the River Pack Wolves can be read as a stand alone, but as a HUGE fan I would recommend that Jaxson, Jace and Jared be read consecutively.

The River Pack Wolves series consists of three full-length stories, with each individual book based on a River brother and their personal romance. However, there is a running theme throughout the series whereby shifters are going missing, being abducted by the government and military to be experimented on, thus stirring fear and anger amongst the shifter community that the River pack decide to take on themselves!

Jared (River Pack Wolves #3)Title: Jared (River Pack Wolves #3)

Author: Alisa Woods

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Release date: October 29th, 2015

Released by: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Length: 174 pages

Blurb: He was broken by the war. Her secret could destroy her family.

Ex-Marine sniper Jared River left the war, but the war never really left him. He’s a broken wolf who’s only good for one thing now—killing men. And he’s peering down his scope at Senator Krepky, the anti-shifter politician about to ruin the lives of all the shifters Jared loves.

Grace Krepky is the daughter of the Senator, a good girl with a passion for her father’s politics and who’s earned her way into being his campaign manager. Only problem? She’s secretly a shifter… and the clock is ticking until her own father inadvertently forces that secret into the open, ruining both their lives.

Jared’s all set to pull the trigger when he sees something shocking through the Senator’s glass walls—his daughter is a wolf. Jared puts his gun aside to go after the fleeing girl, but he already knows this can only end in one of two ways—either he’ll convince her to reveal herself to the Senator and stop his anti-shifter legislation, or Jared will have to assassinate her father.

If only she wasn’t making him come alive again…

Jared is a complete novel with HEA, the third in the River Pack Wolves trilogy (all standalone stories, but best enjoyed if you read them in order!).

Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha military heroes, and dark family secrets. Only readers over 18 should dive into the deliciously hot world of the River brothers.

AFTER THE RIVER BROTHERS: Look for the Wilding Pack Wolves series to start soon!

REVIEW ***** (5* RATING)

JARED is a fantastic ending to the fast-paced action and HOT romance shifter series, River Pack Wolves. Alisa Woods‘ story openings are usually gripping from the beginning, and Jared is no different; opening the story in a suspenseful manner with ex-Marine Jared at the ready to assassinate Senator Krepky, an anti-shifter politician on the brink of setting out new legislation for all shifters to register.

“It didn’t take a genius to figure out where that was going. Not only would it be stupid-easy for the government to round up shifters, but shifter-owned companies like the private security firm Jared owned with his brothers, Riverwise, would go out of business.”

Jared is a broken shifter, seeing himself only as a killer. Although his killing was for his country during his time in the Marines, it is really all he knows. He has found it difficult to adjust to civilian life, lost his mate, and keeps himself to himself. Killing Senator Krepky, who is also believed to be behind shifter abductions and an experimental program, isn’t worth thinking twice about.

However, Jared notices the Senator arguing with a young lady, the Senator’s daughter, and Jared decides to wait until the Senator is alone before pulling the trigger. Keeping eyes on them both at all times, there is plenty of suspense during these first few pages. The Senator’s daughter leaves the room annoyed, and as Jared follows her with his eyes to ensure she is out of the way… she shifts!

I loved this turn of events; the way it shocks Jared. The way in which the author has written this scene makes it feel like your reading in first person, when the story is actually written in third. The way in which she describes what he is seeing, what his reactions are is very well written and described. Even though Jared has his chance to prevent the Senator, he is stunned by Miss. Krepky and thoughts race through his mind as he follows her wolf, leaving Senator Krepky in his office with no knowledge of what his own daughter is, or that he was about to be assassinated.

Grace Krepky has kept her shifting a secret from her anti-shifter father. She has worked her way to becoming her father’s Campaign Manager and enjoys her work. However, fully aware of the new shifter legislation that her father is about to bring in, she hopes to try and talk him out of it. Keeping her secret has meant that she has little knowledge of shifter life, and has nobody to confide in or talk to. And, there’s also the worry of what her father will do if, or when, he finds out what she is.

The meeting between Jared and Grace provides both of them with new possibilities. Jared may have a way to prevent the new legislation, without needing to kill the Senator, if only Grace could confide in her father what she really is and maybe the love for his daughter will change his whole perspective. Meanwhile, Grace would finally have somebody to teach her shifter ways, help her be her most natural self, and having someone to talk to. Thus, making life so much easier.

Not only do they have a chance of these, but natural instinct from their inner-wolves attract each other in a way so deep that neither of them had expected. The physical attraction, the protectiveness of each other – Jared emotionally, Grace both physical and emotional, and sheer desire all unite to create a very powerful and suspenseful romance.

A copy of Jared (River Pack Wolves #3) was provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review.

You can purchase JARED at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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Jaxson (River Pack Wolves 1) - New Adult Paranormal RomanceJace (River Pack Wolves 2) for Kindle_28







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**REVIEW** Jace (River Pack Wolves #2) by Alisa Woods

Alisa Woods has recently released her second novel in the River Pack Wolves series, JACE. NA fans of shifter paranormals will love this series with the uncountable scenes of action and HOT romance. Each story can be read as a stand alone, and each focuses on a brother from the River Pack.

Jace (River Pack Wolves 2) for Kindle_28Title: Jace (River Pack Wolves #2)

Author: Alisa Woods

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Release date: October 5th, 2015

Released by: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Length: 170 pages

Blurb: His wolf is out of control. She’s a wild thing that won’t be tamed.
Ex-Army Specialist Jace River has a lock on his bedroom door, but it’s not to keep anyone out; it’s to keep his nightmares from breaking loose. His wolf is an out-of-control killer, which means he can never risk shifting, never truly be part of his pack, and definitely never take a mate.

Piper Wilding works for the Army as a civilian, traveling the world for her work in counterintelligence and fighting the bad guys while bedding down the good ones. The best part? It keeps her far from her asshole father in Seattle, the rest of the Wilding pack, and the pressure to take a mate. Settling down isn’t her thing, and after what happened to her mother, Piper vowed she would never be tied down by magic or men again.

While Jace’s wolf keeps him Sleepless in Seattle, Piper returns home to find her missing kid brother. When she breaks into the River brother’s safehouse, sparks fly and claws come out. Her sexy skills threaten to bring out Jace’s wolf, and Jace’s good-guy hotness reminds Piper how tempting shifter men can be. They’re like fire and gasoline, and as they race to find Piper’s brother, the heat threatens to burn down all their carefully constructed walls. But falling in love has never been so dangerous—and being together means taking risks that neither might survive.

Jace is a complete novel with HEA, the second in the River Pack Wolves trilogy (all standalone stories, but best enjoyed if you read them in order!).

Contains scorching hot shifters, alpha military heroes, and sexy spy girls. Only readers over 18 should dive into the deliciously hot world of the River brothers.

REVIEW ***** (5* rating)

Jace is another fast-paced action, shifter paranormal story with plenty of HOT romance from super author, Alisa Woods. Shifters are still being kidnapped, including alpha military personnel, and all hell breaks loose when Noah Wilding goes missing. Piper, Noah’s sister, needs to find him as soon as possible, knowing that something is amiss. And yet, with only the River pack to turn to she may not be taken so seriously at first!

The story opens up dramatically when, during a break from sleeping after having a nightmare about his uncontrollable ferocious wolf beast, Jace finds himself in a heated tackle with an intruder. Things become even more interesting when the intruder shifts into a wolf, and later shifts back again – into a female. A naked female. Under Jace’s hot, hard body! What an intro to the story!

Piper Wilding has come initially to look for her brother, Daniel, to ask him about the whereabouts of their brother, Noah. Once she is heard by Daniel and the River pack, Daniel feels that maybe she is overreacting and that Noah is most probably on a secret military mission. But, Jace and his brothers are only too aware of shifters being kidnapped. And they know that the government is involved.

In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, the Rivers decide to check it out, and to follow up on an Agent Smith, who we know had been part of the kidnapping and torture of shifters in book 1, Jaxson. This would of course mean that for newly-mated Jaxson and his half-witch lover, Julia, would have to put their ‘honeymoon’ plans off a little while longer!

Jace has been reluctant to be too involved with any action for a while due to the fear of his inner wolf being uncontrollable and causing harm to civilians or those he cares about. His wolf is twice the size of an average shifter, and he has been laden with guilt ever since a village of civilians in Afghanistan had all been killed by a ferocious animal – his wolf – when he had been deployed there. Since then Jace has decided to keep his wolf restrained, and promised never to take a mate for the sheer horror of what could happen.

Piper, also vowing never to take a mate, witnessed her own mother feel trapped when she mated for the second time to an emotionally abusive man who led her to suicidal tendencies. Piper never wants to feel so vulnerable and controlled by one person who claim they love her.

However, during the course of the story, Jace’s inner wolf keeps trying to come to the fore, especially when Piper is around. This crazy, female shifter is driving him insane. And, although initially it is the sexual attraction pulling at his wolf – scrambling around naked on his kitchen floor underneath him – it is also the power of his wolf’s need to protect her. Piper believes in his kindness and willingness to protect her, as well as feeling a heavy weight of lust and attraction towards him.

Because of Jace’s need to protect her, he isn’t all too happy about Piper going on this mission with them. But, after all it is her brother they are searching for, and her counterintelligence skills and knowledge of some government figures can certainly come in useful. Will they find Noah? And, what of Agent Smith – is he still up to his old tricks?

In this explosive, action paranormal you will be gripped from start to finish. It is a read certainly for the more mature reader, especially with the HOT scenes between Jace and Piper. Will Jace release his beast? Or will they both control themselves to keep their relationship casual? All will be revealed. And, the reader will be left wanting more, which we’ll be getting very soon with the release of Jared (book 3)!

A copy of JACE was provided for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Jace (River Pack Wolves #2) by Alisa Woods is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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**REVIEW** JAXSON (River Pack Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods

You may remember our reviews of Alisa Woods True Alpha and Dark Alpha short story series from earlier in the year. Now she has returned with a full length novel New Adult paranormal romance shifter series, River Wolves Pack, with the first being released this week, Jaxson.

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves 1) - New Adult Paranormal RomanceTitle: Jaxson (River Pack Wolves #1)

Author: Alisa Woods

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Date released: September 5th, 2015

Published by: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Length: 167 pages

Blurb: Three brothers. Three Secrets. One hope to save the shifters of Seattle.
Former SEAL Jaxson River would give his life for his brothers and his pack, but if he doesn’t claim a mate soon, he’ll be forced to step down as their alpha. There’s only one problem: Jaxson’s dark secret would kill any mate he claimed. With someone kidnapping shifters off the street—and only Jaxson and his brothers, Jace and Jared, to stop them—now is not the time for his secret to come out.

Curvy Olivia Lilyfield is a half-witch orphan with a dark secret of her own. She wants to atone for it by doing good in the world, so when she finds a wolf being tortured in an alley, she doesn’t hesitate to help… even though wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT.

Olivia’s dangerous magic means she can’t let anyone get too close—but Jaxson can’t keep his hands off her, and his kisses are more than she can resist. As they race to save the disappearing shifters of Seattle, the true danger lies in loving each other. They’re playing with magical fire… and their secrets could end up destroying them both.

Jaxson is a complete novel with HEA, the first in the River Pack Wolves trilogy (Jace and Jared coming soon).

Contains scorching shifter sex, alpha military heroes, and sexy witches. Only readers over 18 should dive into the deliciously hot world of the River brothers.

REVIEW ***** (5* RATING)

I couldn’t wait to get my paws on Alisha Woods‘s latest NA paranormal romance release, Jaxson. After reading the authors other works in this genre, True Alpha and Dark Alpha short story series, and loving every minute of them, I knew I would jump straight into the River Pack Wolves with excitement.

Jaxson is a full length novel told from both Jaxson and Olivia’s point of view. I probably love novels written in this manner best of all as this allows the reader to empathise with more than one character, which can explain their behaviour and actions. The story really flows at a good pace and has a great mix of romance, magic and action.

Jaxson is leading the River pack, trying to find out just who is kidnapping shifters off the street. Many shifters do not return, while some others have come back, but they are not the same as they were when they went in. It’s as if some of their inner magic has been taken. It is up to Jaxson and his brothers, Jared and Jace to ensure the safety of shifters before there aren’t many left to take. For this, the River pack need a good, strong leader. To become stronger still, it would be advantageous for Jaxson to be mated. The magic bond that is created between a shifter and his female mate is like no other. And, it would fare well if they had little ones as they too would be strong and healthy, being born into mated, bonded parents.

However, Jaxson has a secret, but now is not the time to tell his pack. They need him. At least to see out the attack on shifters. But, the truth is that he can’t mate. He was cursed by a witch, meaning anytime he went to take a mate, one bite would kill them!

Olivia Lilyfield is not having a great time. After walking out of her job, not wanting to adhere to her boss, and wanting to get into the thick of things with her reporting, she is left jobless and in debt. After meeting Jaxson in a sticky situation, she finds herself drawn to him. It isn’t too long before he realises her situation, and, being equally attracted to her in both his human side and inner wolf, he reaches out and offers her a steady job with good pay. How could she say no? Here is this HOT shifter offering her what she needs.

It is quite clear to the reader just how intensely attracted they are to each other. And the physical closeness that Jaxson has to Olivia at times really do turn the heat up. The passion is practically burning, it is so hot. However, after becoming so close to Jaxson, and unaware of his secret curse, Olivia realises that she couldn’t possibly be his mate – he needs to mate with a female shifter, to be an even stronger alpha and lead his pack.

They become so close that Jaxson confides in her. He also airs his concern of the missing shifters and that he needs to remain alpha at least while they deal with this problem. Working together, Olivia has a plan which will help Jaxson keep his secret a little longer, keeping his family from pressurising him, help build stronger allies with other local shifter packs and allow him the time to deal with the current disturbances, which Jaxson strongly feels are set up by the government and allowing the experimenting on the shifters.

These characters are certainly in love, and very passionate. But, to Olivia, it still couldn’t work out between them, especially now. For she also has something that she hasn’t told him; she is half-witch. On finding this out, surely he would go crazy, for it was a witch who had cursed him. Even if her were to listen, wolves and witches do not mix well together. She doesn’t practice magic, but would he believe her? And, after having an ‘accident’ with her magic years ago, could she even trust herself to be with him? Surely she was dangerous?

Readers will be treated to a story where love, romance, heat, action and magic all come together in Jaxson. You’ll be gripped from the beginning, rooting for a HEA, and constantly questioning how each of them are going to overcome their problems, their fears, and their love.

A copy of Jaxson was provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review.

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods is now available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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**REVIEW** Pleasure (Dark Alpha #2) short story by Alisa Woods

Released today is Alisa Woods’ PLEASURE (Dark Alpha #2) in her paranormal/shifter series. This is an exciting series of action, adventure and passion. Sparks fly, hearts throb and lives are in danger. Will Jak and Arianna (mated to Jak’s alpha’s brother unwillingly) have any chance to be together at all? I strongly recommend in order to follow Pleasure completely you must read episode 1, Torment (Dark Alpha #1). And, for more shifter pleasure, the first series, True Alpha, is also a desirable read!! (Please see below for review links.)

Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2)Title: Pleasure (Dark Alpha #2)

Author: Alisa Woods

Genre: New adult, paranormal romance

Date released: February 2, 2015

Publisher: Sworn Secrets Publishing

Length: 60 pages

Blurb: New Adult Paranormal Romance serial

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Jak and Arianna have found something special in each other’s arms… but is it something they can keep?

Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?

Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2) is 60 pages or 15,000 words. It’s the second of six episodes in the Dark Alpha serial.

Adult content. Ages 18+.


After an attack, in Torment (Dark Alpha #1), leaves Jak and Arianna in each other’s affectionate and loving arms, Pleasure brings them both, in particular Arianna, back down to earth. She is mated, against her will, to Jak’s alpha’s brother, Mace. To say that he would tear Jak to pieces would most probably be an understatement. Despite her feelings towards Jak, and their recent passion together, Arianna must hold back her feelings and thoughts from Mace, as well as ensure that she washes off Jak’s scent.

Jak is furious about the attack, wanting to protect Arianna and his fellow shifters. He is on a mission to find out who was behind the attack, who exactly they were attacking and why. Were the attackers working for humans? Or is it possible a witch was involved? Either way, Jak will make sure they pay for threatening and attacking in such a way that could have led to one or both of their deaths.

While Jak has the attack on his mind, there is also his thoughts of Arianna. He will kill for her and go to lengths to ensure her safety and to make her his. As Pleasure unfolds the reader becomes aware of an opportunity Jak may have of ridding the bond between Mace and Arianna – either that or Mace would need to be killed in order to free Arianna!

With Arianna unable to leave Mace’s house it is difficult for Jak to meet her. But will Jak find a way?

Dark Alpha 2 is an exciting read as we follow Jak and Arianna’s strong feelings, the intensity and passion between them and the fear that Arianna feels of Mace finding out of her betrayal. Pleasure is another heart-pounding read that will keep you on your toes, dying to read episode 3 of the Dark Alpha series, which will be released on February 16th 2015!

A copy of Pleasure (Dark Alpha #2) was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Pleasure (Dark Alpha #2) is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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All True Alpha short stories are available at Amazon UK and Amazon US individually. BUT, the TRUE ALPHA FULL SEASON is available to order!! (Please be aware that A True Alpha Christmas novella was released after the box set as a stand alone, and although carries on from the series is not a part of the main series, and NOT in the box set! It is available however as an individual novella at Amazon US and Amazon UK.)



**REVIEW** Torment (Dark Alpha #1) short story by Alisa Woods

Following on from her brilliant True Alpha hot paranormal short story series, Alisa Woods has just released Torment, the first short paranormal of her Dark Alpha series. I thoroughly enjoyed the True Alpha series (links to all 6 book reviews, and the festive novella are at the bottom of this post) and celebrate the release of Torment (Dark Alpha #1) today!

Torment (Dark Alpha 1)New Adult Paranormal Romance serial – first episode now available (released January 19th, 2015)

Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, just under the skin of the alpha male, dot-com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City.

Jak enjoys the female human population of Seattle as much as any wolf, but his heart belongs to a female shifter who’s already mated. Worse, she’s the mate of his alpha’s brother.

Arianna was captured from her pack when she was only twenty and mated to a wolf whose dark side takes full advantage of her unbreakable bond to him. Her nights belong to him, but her days are free to explore other things… including feelings for a wolf she can never have.

Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?

Torment (Dark Alpha 1) is 60 pages or 15,000 words. It’s the first of six episodes in the Dark Alpha serial.
Adult content. Ages 18+.


After reading the True Alpha series, I was thrilled to hear that there would be a new series from Alisa Woods in Dark Alpha. Fans of True Alpha, or indeed paranormal and shifter fans will love this hot story with it’s emotion, passion and action. I would recommend that True Alpha be read first to provide the reader with the full background (although not essential).

Jak is young, hot and turns many a human girl’s head. He is liked within his pack, the Red Pack, and his alpha looks out for him. Little do the pack know that he betrayed them once, and morally so. Jak has his wits about him and knows that Arianna was mated to his alpha’s brother, Mace, against her will. Now she has no choice but to be with Mace. But Jak can’t help feeling a little hot when in her company and wants her for himself.

The intensity of Jak’s feelings for her multiply as he is asked to bodyguard her when Mace allows her to attend University – instructions from his father, with the hope that Arianna can gain qualifications that she can bring to the family business. This does not please Mace as he’d much rather keep Arianna at home, but he can’t really go against his father, his alpha.

This is an opportunity of some freedom that Arianna has been waiting for, as opposed to feeling trapped in Mace’s home, bored, and nothing to look forward to as she knows Mace will have his way with her when he comes home. No, this is freedom, and what’s more she has been left with hot, young Jak to mind her!

Torment is a perfect title as both Jak and Arianna are feeling strong attractions to each other. However, as  the magic bond between Mace and Arianna can only break in one of their deaths, it looks pretty unlikely that these two can get together. Not to mention what Mace would do to them if he were to ever find out that Jak so much as looked at Arianna. It would certainly be the death of Jak.

Tensions run high between Jak and Arianna, but what will the future hold for them?

This short story holds a little of everything, including action towards the end. Readers won’t be disappointed and Torment is just the beginning of the Dark Alpha series. I cannot wait to read what book 2, Pleasure, will hold for us!

A copy of Torment (Dark Alpha #1) was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Torment (Dark Alpha #1) is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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All True Alpha short stories are available at Amazon UK and Amazon US individually. BUT, the TRUE ALPHA FULL SEASON is available to order!! (Please be aware that A True Alpha Christmas novella was released after the box set as a stand alone, and although carries on from the series is not a part of the main series, and NOT in the box set! It is available however as an individual novella at Amazon US and Amazon UK.)



*BLOG TOUR* ~ Soft Shatter, by Dany Rae Miller (includes excerpt)

Soft Shatter

Dany Rae Miller





One smart witch and three sexy wolves tell a story of love, lies and rejection.

All Shavone Gentil wants is to find her runaway sister. When witchcraft fails to provide the answers, she resorts to the last resort — getting a job at the Denver Dollhouse. Shav gets answers, but to questions she didn’t even know to ask.

In love and in lust with Shavone since childhood, all Nash LaFontaine wants is her safety, her body and her heart. Responsible and noble, the giant alpha waited so long. Did he wait too long?

All Ben LaFontaine wants is to do his duty as a French wolf. He comes to Denver to do just that. His first assignment is to help his cousin Nash protect the witch. Little does he know the power she’ll wield over him.

All Enrique Cruz wants, all he’s ever wanted, is Shavone. There’s a night from hell that the Native alpha will never forget, the horrors of which his obsession is just beginning to remember.

Who will get they want and whose heart will shatter?

Note: Due to strong language and mature content, this Wolven Moon Novel is recommended for adults ONLY.

Purchase Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA


My hands over Shavone’s, I tighten my hoodie around her. She needs to keep it on — cover that beautiful, tempting ass of hers.

I indicate the dart board with a nod. “Are you an ace at that, too?”

She shakes her head. “No. I’ve never played darts before.”

“Hallelujah.” I throw my head back. “Maybe I can win a portion of my pride back.” I run my hands up her waist and around to her back. “Will you let me teach you?”

Yes, kitten, that was an innuendo. I want to teach you a lot of things.

The increase in feminine pheromone and blushing smile means she got my drift. Fuck. My dick twitches. I don’t know how much more of her I can take.

“Okay,” she’s says, eyes on my mouth.

I lick my lips. You want some of this?

Dilated eyes say yes just before they glance away.

“Sir?” She calls across the bar and once she has the old man’s attention, motions that the pool table is all his. He waves his thanks.

Touching her back, I usher her to the dartboard.

“I love this song.” She rocks her shoulders.

There’s music? I pause to listen. Sade softly sings something about giving the kiss of life.

“You like this old shit?” I tease her, pulling the darts from the board.

“Hey.” She giggles. “Yes. I like soul — old and new.” She throws out that bottom lip, again. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“Never, kitten. You have excellent taste in music.”

The broad grin that spreads across her sweet face wraps another string around my heart. And her swaying hips? Those put another quart of blood in my dick.

She is something. Beautiful and sweet and sensual. I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out I’m lying to her just as Nash is. And she’ll find out. No doubt. She’s digging in the right place. She’ll be angry. I have no doubt about that either. That we’re doing this to keep her out of the clutches of the hunters won’t make a bit of difference. How strange to feel remorse before the fact. The only chance I’ll have is to get under her skin and fast.

“Why the sad look?” She asks me.

I affect an exaggerated shocked expression. “You gotta ask, lady who handed me my ass in pool?”

“Sorry.” She exaggerates a giggle into her hand. She isn’t sorry at all. “Well, now you can trounce me.”

Fuck. Was that a euphemism, kitten?

“At darts,” she quickly adds.

“I wouldn’t be very gallant, using your word, if I did that.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” She gives me her coquettish smile.

“You think batting those lashes at me will save you?” I laugh.

“A girl can hope.”

“You showed no mercy. I show no mercy.” I grin. “That’s the way the game works.”

I move behind her, and, with a hand at her hip, begin to murmur the rules into her ear. Jesus. Her scent. I inhale a lung full of it.

“This” — I toe a length of tape on the floor — “is the throw line. You cannot step over it when you throw.”

“What about my arm?”

“Good question.” I playfully squeeze her bicep, again. “Yes, your buffed arm can cross it.”

I feel her smile. “I prefer the word ‘toned’.”

“Kitten, you are so toned.” I nuzzle her hair. “Now, stop distracting me.”

She giggles and I grin. This is fun. She’s fun.

The rest of the rules, what there are of them, are fairly simple. I run through them quickly. “Let’s do a few practice throws.” I motion her aside and, when she’s safely out of the way, throw my darts. One lands dead center of the bull’s-eye and the other two in the interior ring, quarter inch from the bull’s-eye.

She laughs. “This is going to be bad.”

“Aw, c’mon. Positive thinking.” I move out of the way and bow for her to take my place at the line.

Lifting her chin, she shakes her hair out of the way and narrows her eyes at the board in concentration.

Hot and sexy, smart and sharp. No man can resist that. Sorry, Nash. I glance over at him. His eyes pierce me with an anger he normally saves for enemies and rival packs. Cherie grins at me.

Shavone’s first throw lands on the board, but in the number ring. No score. The second lands in the fat single score ring and the third misses the board completely.

The music clicks over to a sexy strong drumbeat that Shavone seems to like, too. I walk to the board to extract our darts. Ah, it’s John Mayer. I almost laugh out loud at the lyrics. I’m not the man I used to be either, John.

Shavone smiles at me as I walk back to her. Rocking her hips, she sings along to the music.

“Not bad.” I hand her her darts. “You’ve got pretty good form for a newbie. Can I show you a better way?”

She nods enthusiastically. “Yes, please.”

I lay my darts on a nearby table.

“Let’s work on your stance, first.”

Stop writhing that body, kitten.

“Okay.” She stands still.

Taking my sweet ass time and with a caressing touch, I position her body — feet there, hips like this, shoulders like that, hands like this. I’m disappointed when I’m done arranging her.

She looks up at me through her lashes, a flirty smile on her lips. I stifle a growl.

Moving back behind her, I drag my hand down her arm to her hand. “Holding the dart is an art,” I whisper in her ear — trying hard not to imagine her soft hand gripping my dick. “Two fingers forward on the stem, like this.” I manipulate her slender fingers. “And your thumb here near the back of the dart.”

Understanding, she nods. Her brow furrowed, she concentrates so hard.

“You want to extend your arm, pointing the tip of the dart where you’d like it to stick.” Placing my cheek directly on her temple, my hand over hers, I raise the dart in front of her face. “Stare down the tip and bring the dart straight back in front of your face,” I say. “Don’t hold it here, by your ear. You can’t see where it’s going if it’s beside your head.” I let go of her hand and hold her at the waist. “Do it now, but don’t throw it yet.”

While she lines up the dart, I dip my nose into her hair and inhale deeply — not caring if she hears it. My voice is thick when I speak again. “We’ll do a couple of practice movements. Don’t let go of the dart, though.”

“Okay,” she says softly.

My left hand glides from her hip to ribs while my right hand wraps around hers and the dart.

My wolf wants you so bad.




About Dany Rae Miller

I’m Dany Rae Miller and I believe in the power of love.

I believe that love ~ real, unconditional, soulful devotion ~ can change who you are as a person. It can change you from shy to open, wary to trusting, scared to brave, running in circles to holding on to your rock.

Young and naive, believing I was in love, I married right out of high school. Three years later, I was a brokenhearted, single mom of a toddler. Fast forward two more years to another sweetheart turned asshole and my faith in love was lost.

Done with boys, I built a life for my child and me by myself. It wasn’t easy, but I grew up and learned how to stand on my own two feet. I didn’t need a man, I reasoned, I’ve got my confidence.

In my mid twenties, I wanted to up my earning power and decided to go to college, setting my sights on journalism school. It was then, when I wasn’t looking for him, that the love of my life walked into a college speech class and sat down next to me.

The right person at the right time changes everything and mends even the most shattered trust. I am living proof. That’s what I try to put into my novels.

When I’m at the computer writing, life is golden. It just doesn’t get any better than weaving sometimes euphoric and sometimes gut-wrenching tales of erotic romance.

In former lives, I was an advertising rep, then, a property manager. After college, I became a TV producer, and an award-winning screenwriter.

Now, I conjure sexy love stories from thin air. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. I do it from my home in spectacular Colorado (a location featured prominently in my stories) where I live with my wonderful husband and two affectionate kitties.

Contact Dany Rae

Newsletter signup: http://eepurl.com/TnoF5 You’ll want to sign, because starting in February, I’m posting book two in the Wolven Moon series on my website for free. You’ll need a password to access it.

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RELEASE DAY LAUNCH ~ *DIMITRI* by Kym Grosso (includes a $25 gift card giveaway)

It’s release day for Kym Grosso’s erotic romance Dimitri, #6 in her smokin’ hot Immortals of New Orleans series! Check out the blurb on this and find out more about this sexy and seductive series. You can also enter the rafflecopter where a $25 Amazon Gift Card is up for grabs. Tina 🙂


by Kym Grosso
Immortals of New Orleans #6
Publication Date: September 30, 2014
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal, Romance


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An erotic paranormal romance…

Dimitri LeBlanc, sexy and charismatic beta of Acadian Wolves, survives a brutal attack after his wolf succumbs to a dark force, threatening his very existence. Waking up, tied to a bed, his amusement transforms into lust as a beautiful stranger heals his beast. Intrigued by his mysterious savior, the tables quickly turn, when in the heat of a dark desert night, he rescues her from a barbaric Alpha. Dimitri is inexplicably drawn to the alluring woman, and the discovery that she’s his mate rouses his hunger to claim her as his own.

Gillian Michel, a New York City photographer, conceals a secret hybrid past and mystical abilities. An entire lifetime, she’s deliberately avoided wolves, but a seductive encounter with an irresistible beta leaves her craving his touch, his lips on hers. Passion ignites her desire, leaving her yearning to submit to the powerful wolf who tests her sexual limits.

Deep in the heart of New Orleans, Dimitri and Gillian seek a cure to the parasite maligning his mighty beast. Still on the run from a malevolent force, they lure their enemy into the bayou. Will Gillian sacrifice her gifts to save the man she loves, destroying her own immortality? And will Dimitri eradicate the evil that has invaded his soul while protecting his mate from an adversary who threatens to kill them both?

Warning: This book contains several erotic love scenes and is intended for adult readers only.

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About Kym Grosso


Kym Grosso is the award-winning author of the bestselling erotic paranormal romance series, The Immortals of New Orleans. The series currently includes Kade’s Dark Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 1), Luca’s Magic Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 2), Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 3), Logan’s Acadian Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 4), Léopold’s Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 5) and Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans, Book 6).

In addition to romance, Kym has written and published several articles about autism, and is passionate about autism advocacy. She writes autism articles on PsychologyToday.com and AutismInRealLife.com. She also is a contributing essay author in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum.

Kym lives with her husband, two children, dog and cat. Her hobbies include autism advocacy, reading, tennis, zumba, traveling and spending time with her husband and children. New Orleans, with its rich culture, history and unique cuisine, is one of her favorite places to visit. Also, she loves traveling just about anywhere that has a beach or snow-covered mountains. On any given night, when not writing her own books, Kym can be found reading her Kindle, which is filled with hundreds of romances.

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The Wolfstone Curse, by Justin Richards

WolfstoneThrilling Paranormal Adventure Age 12+

The Wolfstone Curse by Justin Richards is a fast paced novel, full of action and adventure with a paranormal theme.  At its centre are the mysterious Wolfstone Circle and Wolfstone Manor, whose dark secrets slowly unravel. The tale extends across Europe to Russia and back in time to World War 2 and the more distant past of myth and magic surrounding werewolves. Scroll down after reading this review for links to Caroline’s review and to an exclusive interview with author Justin Richards.

In The Wolfstone Curse, Peter  is dismayed when his archaeologist father asks him to accompany him and his associates  on what he believes will be a less than exciting dig of a stone circle near the village of Wolfstone in the Coltswolds, a quiet backwater which has little to recommend itself to a teenager on the cup of adulthood. However, Peter is soon drawn into the history of Wolfstone, where the ancient inhabitants of the old manor were said to be afflicted by a curse, and where werewolves and the mystical Wolfstone Circle also feature. He soon discovers some strange goings on at the dilapidated Wolfstone Manor, the adjacent land of which is being redeveloped into a new housing development by the mysterious Sebastian Forrest, who has employed his father to investigate the circle.

He is further encouraged to stay by an unlikely friendship he strikes up with Carys, the daughter of the lady who runs the Fleece Inn, where he and his father are staying. Carys ‘ family is a font of wisdom concerning the old myths and legends of the local wolves, legends which the locals still take seriously, avoiding  going outside on nights which fall on and around the full moon. Indeed, it is said that no good comes of anyone who decides to investigate the mysteries of the stone circle…… It is not long before Peter suspects that Carys and her family know more than they are letting on and that they have their own secrets. When Peter witnesses some shocking events one night centred on the manor and the stone circle, his life and that of others is put in danger and he and Carys must travel deep into Europe to delve deeper into the mysteries and events linked to the manor and the circle and their apparent connection to experiments undertaken by Nazis in World War 2. They must use all of their intelligence and guile to work together to escape their enemies and destroy the threat of great evil before its plans can grow to fruition.

The relationship between Peter and Carys is central to the story as they work together to uncover the secrets surrounding the Wolfstone Circle and overcome the evil that is connected to it. After a bit of a shaky start, they form a tight friendship and their mutual respect grows into a budding romance as the tale progresses. Their bravery and tenacity are tested to the full as they find themselves in many fearful, hair raising and truly horrific situations, where their lives are threatened. The supporting cast includes Carys’ mother and her grandfather, Peter’s father and the owner of the Wolfstone Manor and surrounding land, Sebastian Forrest and his son David. There is also a mysterious character known as The Old One, who plays a key role.

I enjoyed how Justin Richards’ novel referred to fictional events from the past, specifically the experiments undertaken by the Nazis in World War 2 to produce genetically created Wolfen soldiers. I also liked how he referenced many of the werewolf myths and legends which exist within Europe, particularly how the power of the moonlight was harnessed by the stone circle. The use of ‘source documents’ throughout the text, including letters and a journal, add considerable depth and interest. There are a number of twists and turns in the novel which I did not see coming and I was entertained throughout.

I recommend this book to those with a reading age of 12 and above who enjoy exciting, nail biting, paranormal tales with strong elements of mystery, suspense and horror.

Copies of ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ were given to A Reader’s Review Blog by Templar Publishing in return for an honest and fair review.

Cover art by the-parish.com

Click here for an exclusive interview with author Justin Richards

Click here for Caroline’s review of The Wolfstone Curse

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Tangle of Need, #11 in the Psy-Changeling Series, Nalini Singh

uk%20tangle%20of%20need[1]Mating Bond versus Unconditional Love

I have been reading Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling Series since being bowled over by the first book, Slave to Sensation, which, like all that follow, is a fantastically sexy and phenomenally original read. I love the world that she creates, where the Psy, a race with powerful and sometimes terrifying mind powers, who have rejected emotion, vie against the Changelings and the Humans, in what threatens to culminate in a brutal war of cataclysmic proportions. The series contains palpable sexual tension and passionate lovemaking scenes, which contrast sharply with the political machinations and unspeakable acts of violence from some characters who are true sociopaths. There are also others who fight to defend their own race and foster harmony and some whose motives we are never quite sure of. The central romance in each book is set against the overall story arc, told in the manner of a master storyteller. You are advised to read the series in order for maximum enjoyment.

Tangle of Need follows on after book 10, Kiss of Snow, which covers the romance between Hawke, the alpha of the SnowDancer pack and Sienna, the powerful X Psy, and the battle against some of the Psy. At the heart of Tangle of Need is the romance between two wolf-changelings, the soldier Adria and Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant. The journey to their HEA is emotional and it pulls at the heartstrings. Adria has returned to the SnowDancers after a disastrous union with another, where she felt compelled to suppress her natural dominance. This has damaged her self esteem and she hides her true self under a prickly exterior, fearing commitment. Riaz, a lone wolf, has returned from Europe, where he met his true mate, only to be devastated when he finds that she is married to another she is very much in love with.

These two wounded individuals are initially drawn together by an overwhelming physical attraction, despite their initial dislike of each other. There is a hugely sexually charged scene early in the novel, where this attraction is left in no doubt. However, Riaz subsequently rejects Adria when she proposes that they come together for physical pleasure alone. However, constantly thrown together in the course of their work, they begin to form a strong friendship, which soon progresses into ever stronger ties, unable to resist the primal draw that pulls them together. Yet what future do they have when Riaz knows in his heart that Adria will never be his mate and the guilt of betrayal holds him back? Also how will Adria cope with the fear of being second best and coping with yet another dominant male? In this novel Nalini Singh explores the strength of the mating bond versus the free will of true, unconditional, love and she does this beautifully. As usual the lovemaking scenes are supremely hot, especially in this novel, where Adria and Riaz are both powerful dominants.

Riaz and Adria, strong, yet vulnerable individuals are characters whom I really feel for. Adria is a seasoned soldier, but with a gentle and giving side to her nature, which Riaz starts to value more and more as they get to know each other. I loved how once he made up his mind to pursue Adria, after cruelly rebuffing her, he really went for it, despite his initial guilt over betraying his mate. His actions were very romantic and the novel is a real tear jerker before it reaches its conclusion.

There is a lot going on in the tale, apart from the main romance, not least the continuing sickness and disintegration of the Psy-Net and the power play between the Psy Councillors, which not only threaten the Changelings but world peace. In particular, Councillors Ming, Henry Scott and Kaleb make several key appearances and impact on the plot. Into this mix there is also the growing strength of the Pure Psy and the Human Alliance.  In terms of the Changelings, we see little of the DarkRiver leopards in this book. Instead we catch up with those in the SnowDancer pack, especially Hawke and Sienna, who we see a lot of. We also meet other characters again, such as the Ghost, Alice, the brilliant researcher from the past who is recovering from being in statis, the Arrows and other factions which reveal themselves, seeking to align with others in the face of the oncoming war. The many sub plots, which exist alongside the central romance, make the book another gripping read and a great addition to the series.

I recommend this book to those who like to read paranormal romance or romance with a Futuristic/Sci-Fi theme. with deliciously sexy scenes, set within a complex world and overall plot which holds your interest and keeps you in suspense throughout. Like all of Nalini Singh’s fans I am also itching to read the latest book in the series, Heart of Obsidian, which is a much anticipated read.




Cover design by Craig Fraser

Photo copyright Aleksej Vasic/Getty Images


‘The Wolfstone Curse’ by Justin Richards

Wolfstone‘The Wolfstone Curse’ is an action-packed thriller of horror and adventure where teenager Peter, visits the remote village of Wolfstone with his archaeologist father, Professor Crichton, who is due to be carrying out his work at the ancient Wolfstone Circle in the Cotswolds. As a teenager, in a very isolated place, Peter becomes bored and goes to explore the surrounding area, in particular the Wolfstone Manor. As the story unfolds Peter discovers the existence of werewolves and the curse that is placed upon them.

The story begins with a diary entry, dating from the Second World War, by a soldier who has just been briefed on the Nazi experiments taking place at Castle Wolfenburg. His group of commandos are sent to attack the genetically engineered SS Wolfen soldiers to prevent these experiments from taking place. There is no holding back with Justin Richards as the reader enters the story at the very beginning with plenty of action taking place. The reader is gripped from the first page!

I love the historical element of the story as the reader has insights to generations before in order to learn of the origins of the Wolfstone Circle and Manor. This in itself gives the story a great deal of depth, enabling the reader to have a great deal of background knowledge and to see the full picture and the development of the werewolves and their curse.

Whilst in Wolfstone Peter and his father are staying at The Red Fleece, a seventeenth century inn that is run by Faye Seymour, with the help of her teenage daughter, Carys. As events take place and Peter talks to them about what he has seen the reader becomes aware that Carys and her mum are not oblivious of the village life. As Peter becomes more curious and decides to explore further, Carys assists him and their relationship grows as they rely on each other during the dark and horrific times.

Peter and Carys are great, strong characters. Even when frightened they handle situations well. Although the book began with Peter, and it appeared that he alone was the hero and focus of the story, I feel that over time Carys’ character opened up and was equally as heroic as Peter. Carys seemed to be very determined to get to the bottom of the Wolfstone mystery, when Peter begun having doubts when events took a turn for the worse, and yet there were times that this led them into even more danger. However, Peter worked well with Carys and on several occasions helped her out of trouble.These two characters really compliment each other and both take on the lead roles, making them great heroes for both genders.

This action-packed adventure takes us across Europe as the characters discover a similar stone circle in Vrolask, Russia. Is there a connection between Vrolask and Wolfstone?

The way in which Richards describes Wolfstone Manor, the wolves and their actions is absolutely brilliant. These descriptions make it a fast-paced and very visual story and it is accompanied with plenty of dialogue from the characters. The reader grasps the characters and the story very easily due to this style of writing, enabling the reader to connect very quickly with the characters.

Justin’s description of some of the scenes is fantastic. His use of onomatopoeia, with words such as, smash, snap and crunch and the context in which they are used allow the reader to really get a feel for the horror and gore. There are great descriptions of the transformations, blood, gore and bones. And yet written so brilliantly in a way that is suitable for its young target audience. Short, sharp, punchy sentences are also used to emphasize the actions and their speed, which in turn helps the reader to play out the scenes in their mind. This also helps to connect with the characters and easily helps  the reader to visualise the characters and their actions. Thus, making it a more exciting read for the reader. It never loses momentum from start to finish, despite being around 430 pages.

I feel that this book is suitable and will intrigue readers from the age of 12 onwards. When reading ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ I experienced feelings that I had as a child when reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels – there is this great mix of young people, mystery and curiousity that creates an eeriness. (However, ‘The Wolstone Curse’  has a more modern twist and a darker and eerier entity.) For example, when Peter checks out Wolfstone Manor it is an eery, dark and mysterious ruin in a very remote area. He and the reader knows he shouldn’t be there so he and the reader are afraid and yet far too curious to leave the story there and so Peter and the reader alike continue to delve into the unknown!. As the story moves on it becomes even more darker and horrific with the introduction of the wolves!

I say that Justin Richards’  ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ is a must-read for any reader that enjoys mystery, action/adventure and paranormal fantasy novels that are fast-paced with great heroic characters as well as fantastic supporting characters. There is never a dull moment. It is a very, very exciting thriller. Roll on July 2013 when ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ will be released and available to the public. You will not be disappointed!!!

‘The Wolfstone Curse’ was received by A Readers Review Blog by Templar Publishing in return for an honest and fair review.

Cover art by the-parish.com

Please check out Justin Richards,  the Creative Consultant for BBC Books on the Dr Who titles, author biog and look out for Tina’s review on ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ in the coming weeks with a video exclusive! ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ will be available from July 2013!

Reviewed by Caroline Barker