Our Review Policy

Most of the books that we review are either purchased by us or borrowed from our local library. Sometimes we are lucky enough to acquire one free from a promotion by an online bookseller. Since starting our blog we have been over the moon with how many of you have decided to ‘pop in’ now and again to read our reviews. We are enjoying sharing our thoughts with you and are happy to receive any comments on individual posts or your thoughts on the blog or reading in general.

We have recently been fortunate to be offered sample books to review by a number of authors and a publisher. We are very pleased by this as it gives us the opportunity to expand our reading material and share the resulting reviews with you.

In the interests of meeting our legal obligations as book bloggers and  informing any authors and publishers who wish to approach us, we have drawn up a Review Policy. This is set out on a separate page of our blog and we will update is as necessary.

The main point to note is that if we are given a sample book to review by a third party and we feel that it is something that we would enjoy reading and sharing with you, we do so on the basis that we will carry out an honest review of it. We do not do it for monetary gain, nor are we currently a member of any affiliate programme run by any of the online booksellers. We aim to be as transparent as possible and will let our readers know if a book has been given to us to review by an author or publisher by clearly labelling the review relating to that book. Our readers should assume that all other books reviewed by us on this site have been purchased by us, downloaded for free through a special promotion open to all, borrowed from our local library or (if we are lucky enough) won in a competition.

We would however, love to hear from authors and publishers who wish to offer copies of their books for review or for giveaways, or who wish to feature in guest posts. We feel that this will add to our readers’ enjoyment of reading our blog.

We are new to blogging and therefore welcome any views on our Review Policy from any fellow book bloggers, or readers.

Tina and Caroline ARR

About Tina Williams

Book reviewer and blogger and co-organiser of Tamworth (UK) Literary Festival

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