Only 3 days left to Name our Knitted Character!!!!

405731_10151425124479640_234143526_n[2]We are still looking for a name for our latest knitted character! We have the following names so far: Demonella, Zorra, Rhona, Diva Lady, Cherry, Rose, Rhonda Rock Chick, Davina McDoll, Fiendish Finuala, Fionnuala and Satanic Sacha!

If you have a name suggestion please make a comment below, post it on our Facebook page at or even pick a name from above that you particularly like. We will take all suggestions into consideration. Ultimately, it will be up to Carol Davies, the maker of our knitted characters, to choose a name.  You have until Thursday 28th February 2013 to let us know!

If you do like a name from the list above and it proves quite popular then it may be that that will be the chosen name! Thanks guys and good luck 🙂 Caroline x

To view our full post with extra pics please click on this link:-

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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