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Tina-001We like our fiction with an element of romance in it, be it a paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary or an historical, from books aimed at young adults to adults.

However,  sometimes the novels we read may be controversial and darker and we are not comfortable putting a review of them on this site.This is because some of our readers are below 18. It is for that reason that I have set up a separate blog site Sizzle and Burn, where Caroline and I will make the ocassional book review of erotic romance, dark fantasy and erotica.

It is an Adults only site for  those of you like us who like your romance to sometimes push the envelope. If you think that you might be interested than pop over to the site to check it out. If you are at all offended by anything that goes beyond a mainstream erotic romance than it may not be for you. We will continue to post adult books which we feel are not as controversial on A Reader’s Review, labelling them as containing adult content where we think it is necessary. In fact we have a review of an erotic paranormal for A Reader’s Review planned very shortly!

There are currently three reviews on Sizzle and Burn, the latest being Corinne Balfour’s Deceptive Lord, the first book in her Lords of Bondage series.  If there is anyone out there who wishes to blog alongside us on Sizzle and Burn, we’d be delighted to discuss it.

If we post a review on Sizzle and Burn, we’ll mention it as part of any updates we put on this site. You can also click on the link on the left of A Reader’s Review screen.

Happy reading!

Tina @ ARR

About Tina Williams

Book reviewer and blogger and co-organiser of Tamworth (UK) Literary Festival

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