The Genie Ignites, Book One of the Zubis Chronicles, by Kellyann Zuzulo

genieignites_full-17942442_std[1]-001Passionate and Magical Romance

After reading this tale I will never look at copper lamps or think of genies in the same way again! The Genie Ignites is a passionate and magical romance with an intricate plot. In it, a young American woman is recruited by a secret society to help it eradicate all genies. In doing so she is reunited with her lover, a three thousand year old genie she betrayed in a past incarnation she is unaware of.

American editor, Bethany O’Brien, has been beset by disconcerting dreams of a dark and handsome man. Whilst attending a reception at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, she is stunned to meet the very man she has dreamt about, a man she has never met, but whom she finds strangely familiar. The man is Zubis, counsellor to the Saudi Arabian king.

Later that evening, Seth Nasser, her liaison at the embassy, reveals to her the existence of the Jinn and the Veil of Thoth, an ancient order committed to controling the Jinn and keeping them from overrunning the world. Seth informs Bethany that she is the reincarnation of the high priestess Lina, murdered by one of the three genies who served King Solomon, the high priest she was apprenticed to.

As a malachi, a human killed by a genie in a previous incarnation, Bethany cannot be harmed by that genie and is the only person who can destroy it. She is therefore valuable to the Veil of Thoth and Seth wants her to travel to the Middle East to help the society. Although sceptical, some of the things Bethany hears sound strangely familiar, and as a committed journalist, she resolves to go to the Middle East to investigate a strange copper vessel that has been discovered and also Seth’s story.

There are many other players in this game however and Bethany finds that she has to flee the US and travel across Europe to the Middle East with Derek Martin, a photojournalist, with others in hot pursuit, including a second genie called Borzal. There is also Prince Faisal, who covets the throne, who only has his own interests at heart, which involve Zubis. Neither the reader nor Bethany know who to trust and the remainder of the plot involves murder, betrayal, deceit and some hot lovemaking scenes, which incorporate a little genie magic!

Zubis, the handsome genie, should despise Bethany for her betrayal in her previous life, but he cannot as he is deeply in love with her. Advisor to the royal family, he has already granted two of the three wishes due. On the granting of the third he will be free and this, combined with the power of his connection to Bethany, will enable him to open the gates to Jinnistan, where he wants her to return with him. He knows that once Bethany regains her memories it will be her decisions which govern whether he lives or remains free. King Jul is adamant that it will not be him who unleashes the power of the Jinn and will not make the third wish. Instead he keeps Zubis trapped in his palace.

Bethany is sassy, confident and self-assured, more than a match for an autocratic genie. When she meets Zubis and recognises him as the man from her dreams, she senses that she knows him. As she approaches the palace, her bond strengthens and her memories of him and the ancient betrayal slowly resurface, as Zubis visits her in a series of dreams and visions. One particular lovemaking scene where Zubis uses his ability of transmorphic migration is extremely memorable! I shall now be forever rubbing copper lamps to conjure up my very own genie!

The author weaves a complex plot whilst developing and maintaining a hot romance. She has clearly done a great deal of research into the mythology of the Jinn and the customs, history and politics of the Middle East. I liked the way she spins her tale and her world building is excellent. We feel for the heroine throughout and swiftly come to adore Zubis and hope that the couple will find their HEA this time round. I recommend this book to readers of paranormal romance and also those who enjoy romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. The romance between Bethany and Zubis is continued in The Genie Smolders, which is due for release this spring.

This book was given to me by the author, for the purpose of an honest review.

Boroughs Publishing Group Website

Kellyann Zuzulo Website

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