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Carolyn_Author_PhotoMy name is Carolyn, but I’ve often been called C.J. throughout my life so I answer to that, too. I was born and raised in Northern California, but moved to Colorado as a young adult and spent about ten years there. About three years ago, I moved to Northwest Florida, so I kind of feel like I’ve lived everywhere! I’ll always be a West Coast gal at heart.

I am the granddaughter of a published writer, and my great-grandfather was the chief editor for the San Francisco Chronicle for many years. My mother also writes, but is yet to publish anything – but she will be soon, since I keep pushing her : ) My 9-year-old daughter also shows promise, and has written several very short stories. So you could say writing is in our blood.

I got my first (and only – ha!) Kindle for Mother’s Day in 2011 and began to see a huge trend in typos in self-published books. I decided to start my own editing business and quickly landed a little author named Tim O’Rourke. I’m still his editor, but more than that, we have become great friends, and I hope to skip across the pond to the UK one day to meet him and his family. I’ve edited several other self-published books and they’ve all been great fun. I have never edited a book I hated, or found boring. It’s truly a blessing to get paid to read!

Believe it or not, I still hold-down a fulltime job (in Corrections), that I probably won’t leave until retirement. My husband also works at the same place. I love telling people we met in prison and seeing their face.

My first book, Enchanted Immortals, was born in early 2012. It took me six months to write it, because I kept getting angry at the book and would slam the laptop closed and not look at the document for several weeks. Then one day while sitting in church (oops!) I had an epiphany of sorts and the rest of the book wrote itself in a couple of weeks’ time. I released the book around Halloween 2012. Since then, I have written two sequels, and am working on the 4th and final book in the series. I wrote a short story for St. Patrick’s Day in 2013 with two other awesome authors, LR Potter and Kristen Middleton, and had such a good time, we have something planned for the July 4th holiday, but I am bound to secrecy on that!

I’m open to emails, I love to hear from people and what they think. I know my type of writing isn’t for everyone, and you know what? That’s okay. To each his own. I just hope my stories help people escape reality for just a little while, the way they do for me when I’m writing them.

A little fun trivia fact about me: I’ve never been to Portland, or even the state of Oregon. I’m saving for a trip to Oregon so I can visit the Oregon Vortex. Yes, it’s a real place!


To e-mail C.J. Pinard, you can reach her at: cjpinardauthor@gmail.com

Please check out A Readers’ Review Blog’s review on ‘Enchanted Immortals 3: The Vampyre’ below! A Reader’s Review Blog would also like to take this opportunity to thank C.J. for her time and effort into writing her author post and for her support. Thank you, C.J. 🙂

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

3 thoughts on “C.J. Pinard – Author Post

  1. Mary Curtis says:

    Interesting post. I will be back…

  2. Ruth Dunnavant says:

    I enjoyed reading the Enchanted Immortals and look forward to reading the sequels. I am amazed that this lady who holds down a demanding job (I know since I used to have the same job) has such a creative mind. This talented lady is also the mother of two young girls! I’m sure she will be continue to write more entertaining and interesting books in the future which will gain her even more reading fans.

    • Hi Ruth, yes I absolutely agree. C.J. is one of my favourites already and in my previous reviews I have likened her work to that of J.R. Ward. I love this series and cannot wait for more of her work to read!! 🙂

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