‘Control (The Soul of Voodoo #1)’ by M.C. Lavocat

Control (The Soul of Voodoo, #1)If you like to be up close and personal to the characters in a saucy sort of way, as well as have the added bonus of some fun, quirky comedy and dark paranormal goings on, then this is definitely a great book for you! Things are not always as they seem at the beginning of ‘Control’, as the reader and the characters become more and more drawn to darker sides – leaving us baffled, scared and tense. ‘Control’ is packed with romance, fun and horror as it opens up to reveal a deep, dark paranormal entity. Due to the passion and horror I would recommend this novel as a more adult read, possibly 16 years+.

The main focus is on Cecelia Milonas.  Studying neuroscience for her doctoral program, Cecilia also revelled in a social life and yet was still able to maintain good grades. Many were jealous of her and she had just about had enough of studying and dealing with her fellow students and so decided to leave. However, there is more to Cecilia as she is a ‘Foxy Lady’ as Jimi Hendrix would say. She has curves in all the right places that any woman would be jealous of and any man would admire.

It isn’t too long after leaving her doctoral program that Cecilia begins a hot and saucy, lustful relationship with her landlord, boss and panty-melter, Andre St. Clair. This is a guy she has yearned for but has never thought that anything would become of her feelings for him. Andre was her friend but he didn’t date anyone. His mind was in his business. As their relationship grows it becomes more and more intense and passionate and Andre in particular is becoming addicted and obsessed with Cecilia – he is burning for her. It is the intensity and passion here that reminded me a little of Fifty Shades of Grey! Hot! Hot! Hot!

And then there is Lance Bradley.  Aside from Cecilia, Lance is my favourite character. Whether it be destiny or a curse, Lance is drawn to Cecilia in ways that he cannot explain. His first introduction with her was so slight and yet he couldn’t remove her from his mind and had to follow his instinct to find a way to be with her. He would not force the issue but he was around enough to remind her of him to the point that at times she could not forget about him. (Whereas Andre is the tall, dark handsome type, who appears quite slick and smooth, Lance is very masculine and rugged with an athletic/muscular body.)

James is Cecilia’s best friend and in many ways he reminds me of the character Lafayette in True Blood. His character provides a great deal of the comedy, especially when mixed with Cecilia and/or Lance. James could quite easily be your best friend as he is very jovial. He knows how to lighten the mood and creates a good vibe. His friendship with Cecilia is so close that he is aware of her emotions and can sense the atmosphere/mood she is in and when something is up with her. However, these senses become a much deeper aspect the further the story goes on.

The story is written from Cecilia’s point of view and from Lance’s. I love this as the reader can connect to both characters from early on and understand their feelings and decisions. The relationship of Cecilia and Lance is magnetic and whether they want to or not it is almost inevitable that something could possibly happen between them. However, Cecilia is with Andre and even though their relationship can be tense at times she still wants to make it work with him, after all he is the panty-melter and the guy she has been wanting for three whole years.

In many ways the first part of ‘Control’ can appear to be a romantic love triangle situation but as the reader gets sucked in too, by the spell, we realise that it is so much more; where lives are at stake, time is not as it seems and people’s destiny’s are affected! There is nothing we can do to prevent it – or so it seems – but we have to find a way! A curse, a spell, voodoo even is considered when darker events take place and the ‘control’ or lack of it goes to a complete extreme. This is a must-read for those that love dark, paranormal horror, mixed with comedy and romance!

The second novel of the series, ‘Power’ will be released in the near future and as ‘Control’ has left me on tenterhooks at the edge of my seat, I simply need to know how the story can move forward.

For more information on M.C. Lavocat and/or ‘The Soul of Voodoo series please visit www.soulofvoodoo.wordpress.com

Cover artwork by Sugar Magnolia Photography

‘Control (The Soul of Voodoo #1)’ was received by myself gratefully, from M.C. Lavocat, in return for an honest and fair review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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  2. MCLavocat says:

    Thank you for the wonderful review! I am so glad you enjoyed it, I cannot wipe the smile off my face!

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