Dragons’ Mate, by Beverly Ovalle

Dragons Mate_finalcover-001Scorching Dragon Shifter Seduction 

18+ Erotic Romance/Menage

Circa 41 pages

Beverly Orvalle has got me all fired up with her tale of two dragon shifters, who decide that it is the right time to reveal their true nature and show the woman who is their unsuspecting mate, exactly what they are made of!

In Dragons’ Mate, Annie lives alone on a farm. She is reclusive, having been attacked whilst at college and wary of men and relationships. However, her constant companions are her two fully grown dragons, Brand and Tine, whom she met when she worked at an animal shelter. Annie does not realise that Brand and Tine are shifters, as they have never shown any sign of changing into their human form (in Annie’s world some dragons have this ability). However, Brand and Tine have been patiently watching over Annie, keeping her safe, waiting until they think she is ready for them to fulfill her every desire as their mate……..

Annie believes that she is dreaming when she first receives their attentions, as she has never experienced such pleasure. However, she soon realises the truth about her houseguests and welcomes their advances with open arms. I liked the fact that she was ‘game on’ for this, trust having been developed between her and Brand and Tine, by virtue of her knowing them in their dragon form.

Annie is one lucky woman! The lovemaking scenes in this menage are scorching hot, frequent and laced with occasional humour, as Brand and Tine compete for Annie’s attention. What else can any woman want, especially when pleasure is delivered by not one but two hunky insatiable males destined to adore you?  The erotic scenes, of which most are MFM, with some MMF, are nicely balanced with the romantic elements of the tale. Brand and Tine clearly adore Annie, yearning for her to love them and accept them as her mates, with all of the implications this entails. Annie cares for her dragons deeply as she feels safe and secure with them. When they do unexpectedly shift the relationship very quickly but naturally progresses into one hot tale, which I loved.

Beverly Ovalle packs such a lot of excitement and passion into this book and I will definitely check out her future works. Beverly is working on another dragon shifter tale and I  hope that this is published soon.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

This book was given to me by the author for the purpose of an honest and fair review.

To find out more about this book visit Boroughs Publishing Group

Digital edition created by Maureen Cutajar

How to find Beverly:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BeverlyOvalleAuthor?ref=hl

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SslySmileSomebodyLovesYou?ref=hl

Website:  http://SSLYblog.wordpress.com

Also check out Beverly’s Author Post and Bio by scrolling above this post.

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