Blood Law (A Blood Moon Rising Novel #1), by Karin Tabke



Vengeance, Love and Lycan Destiny      

Blood Law is an erotic paranormal romance. It is the tale of two alpha werewolves, twins Raphael and Lucien and of Falon, who is inadvertently drawn into their blood feud.

In Blood Law, Raphael slew Lucien’s chosen one, believing that she was a Slayer, pledged to eradicate his kind. Under Blood Law, which governs the Lycans, Lucien now has the right to kill Raphael’s chosen one. Raphael  therefore remains unmated, not wanting to lose his future consort. This has prevented his pack from procreating, for it is only when an alpha’s mate conceives that the females become fertile. Similarly Lucien remains unmated and his pack has also declined, a great risk with the coming Blood Moon, when wolves will be pitted against slayers in a violent showdown.

Raphael rescues Falon from a Slayer and thinking that she, a human, has seen too much, he orders one of his men to kill her. However, he uses his Lycan powers to bring her back from death’s door, intrigued as to what the Slayer could have wanted with her. At the same time he removes a ring, the Eye of Fenrir, from the finger of the dead Slayer. The ring holds the powerful spirit of the immortal wolf Fenrir, who aided the Slayers and nearly annihilated the Lycans centuries ago. He takes Falon back to his pack, heals her and marks her as his mate, willing to sacrifice her, a non Lycan, to the Blood Law. This will leave him free to mate with one of his own kind, allowing his pack to procreate.

Lucien scents that Raphael has claimed a mate and appears ready to kill her. Falon, an orphan, has always felt apart from humans and once marked by Raphael, her ability to heal and her physic powers increase, as does her strength. Falon physically repels Lucien and he departs, vowing to return to exact his due. Raphael and Falon’s bond grows and Raphael wars with himself over whether he can sacrifice her life. Falon proves herself a worthy mate, is useful in the war with the Slayers, and is accepted by his pack. However, it is the Lycan Council who will decide her fate.

Both brothers are natural alphas, Raphael the light twin and Lucien the dark, and I adored them. Honour rules Raphael and although I understood that as alpha he has to put the future of his pack first, I disliked that he deliberately mated with Falon, accepting that she would die by his brother’s hand. However, as his love for Falon grows, his attitude softens. For Lucien, the prodigal son, passion rules and I loved his bad ass attitude, particularly when sparring with Falon, with whom there is a strong attraction.

Falon is a strong heroine, in an impossible situation, where she could  lose her life, through no fault of her own. She is drawn to Raphael and quickly falls in love, having an affinity with him, but also his pack. She nevertheless feels a strong pull to Lucien, a pull which he exploits, undermining her relationship with Raphael. Falon’s powers grow the longer she is mated with Raphael and as the Council meeting approaches, we wonder whether she will pay the ultimate sacrifice. The novel does end in a cliff hanger, but as all three books have now been published, the final one in December 2012, you will not have to wait long if you choose to indulge!

There is a strong cast of supporting characters, including the evil Slayers, the Amoraks, the human spirit keepers of the wolves, and Lycans loyal to Raphael and Lucien in their respective packs. I loved how the author explained the history of the Lycan nation and their 800 year old battle with the Slayers, entwining both medieval English history and Inuit culture and beliefs.

This novel has a strong plot , punctuated by frequent and scorching sex scenes, often lasting several pages, as you would expect from an erotic romance. If you are not comfortable with reading erotic romance, I would not recommend this novel to you. However, if, like me, you enjoy descriptions of rampant and inventive sex scenes between consenting adults who exhibit great stamina and supernatural powers you will enjoy this book. For lovers of erotic romance or those who want to experience some explosive passion with their paranormal read! I plan to read book 2 in the series, Bloodright and book 3, Blood Vow very shortly – I desperately need to know what happens next!

Cover photograph – Kind permission received from Claudio Marinesco

Cover design by Rita Frangie

Text design by Laura K. Corless

Publisher’s website Penguin – Berkely Heat

Author, Karin Tabke’s website


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