Bloodright, by Karin Tabke

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Lycan Love Triangle

Bloodright is the second instalment in the erotic paranormal romance Blood Moon Rising Trilogy by Karin Tabke. It continues the tale of Falon who has been drawn into a blood feud between two alpha werewolves, Raphael and Lucien. Do not read any further if you intend to read this series and have not yet read book 1, Blood Law, as this review contains spoilers for book 1. Click to see my review of Blood Law.

Bloodright takes off immediately after Blood Law ended. The Amorak Council has decreed under Blood Law that Falon’s life will not be forfeit to Lucien. Instead Falon is his to either return to Raphael as his chosen one, or to make her his own mate. Raphael is left to find and mark another, to ensure that the Vulkasin pack continues. Falon is heartbroken, not believing that the Council could reach such a decision. When Lucien and Raphael start to fight to the death, she shoots herself to save Raphael’s life. Lucien takes her back to his Mondragon pack and heals her. Lucien is ecstatic that circumstances have played into his hands. He is filled with lust for Falon and believes that it is just revenge on Raphael for killing Mara, his own mate, as he will suffer greatly as Falon now belongs to him.

Lucien and Falon could not have had a worse start. Falon knows that she can never stop loving Raphael. However, she allows Lucien to mark her as his, to secure the future of Lucien’s pack, essential to defeat the Slayers at the coming Blood Moon. She resolves that Lucien will never have her heart. Lucien and Falon’s lovemaking however is off the Richter scale and Lucien pushes her well out of her comfort zone and their physical connection is something magical.

As Falon and Lucien try to accommodate their turbulent feelings, their physical attraction grows into more emotional bonds. Raphael’s state of mind suffers greatly at the loss of Falon and her growing attraction to Lucien. Also the spirit of the ancient wolf Fenrir, contained in the ring worn by Raphael, fights for release. At the same time Lucien and Falon have a number of violent encounters with the Slayers. Raphael is compelled to choose another mate and some major truths are revealed before the novel reaches yet another startling conclusion, setting the scene for the final book in the trilogy.

I love the characters of both alphas. However, I felt for Lucien more as it becomes clear that his bad ass personality is really a front and he has great capacity to feel emotions. He soon develops deep feelings for Falon and cannot accept that she still loves Raphael, even though she is his chosen one. He wants her heart not just her body. Raphael is devastated at his loss of Falon and knows that there will never be another that holds his heart. Yet again he is bound by his strong code of honour and prepares to mark another.

Falon goes through a lot in this novel – the loss of her chosen one, becoming the mate of a hated enemy and then dealing with her conflicted emotions. Although she initially despises Lucien, she begins to see a different side to him and grows to love him. Falon also discovers some secrets of her own birthright and begins to explore her ever growing powers, which are at their strongest when united with both brothers.

Once again Karin Tabke has successfully woven the erotic romance into a great plot and a cast of supporting characters. We learn a great deal more about the Slayers in this novel and characters come to light that impact on the pasts of Falon, Lucien and Raphael. The Amoraks, the human spirit keepers of the wolves also play a role. As the Blood Moon approaches packs and Slayers converge for the great battle yet to come.

This novel is full of mind blowing erotic Lycan sex. If you are not comfortable with explicit love making scenes, ranging from violent to sweet, wolf/ wolf sex and on one occasion human/wolf sex and a ménage scene (albeit in a dream state), you will not want to read this book. However, if you sometimes like your paranormals to get down and dirty and only an erotic romance can do, you will love this series. For lovers of erotic romance and paranormal romance who wish to experience a passionate read. The final book in the trilogy, Blood Vow is already near the top of my ‘to read’ pile.

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  1. I’ve never really dipped in to any para normal fiction. but I should

    • There are many authors who specialise in this and much depends on the sort of experience you are seeking, a romance, horror, mystery etc. I tend to go for the romance, but I like it if the other elements are also present too. They are the sort of reads where I can totally switch off from the everyday world! I especially like it when the stories draw on mythology from around the world.

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