Justin Richards’ (author of ‘The Wolfstone Curse’) biog

A Reader’s Review Blog have been lucky enough to receive a copy of the forthcoming ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ by Justin Richards from Templar Publishing. Due to be released in July 2013 Tina and myself have decided to review ‘The Wolfstone Curse’ separately, beginning with my review below, along with an author biography of Justin Richards. Tina’s review will follow closer to the release date with, hopefully, an exclusive video trailer for the book!!!




Twitter:  @JJCRichards

The Wolfstone Curse is Justin’s first novel for Templar Publishing, and the research was sometimes rather ‘hairy’. Justin is not permitted to divulge how much of the story is actually true and how much based on supposition – or to reveal the real name and location of Wolfstone or the people (and were-people) involved.

When not tracking down werewolves, Justin has written for stage and screen as well as writing novels and graphic novels. He is the author of the popular children’s series The Invisible Detective, and for younger children, he writes Agent Alfie – about a school for the children of spies and secret agents.

Justin’s novel for older children – The Death Collector – was published in 2006, followed by The Chaos Code in 2007, The Parliament of Blood in 2008 and The Chamber of Shadows in 2010. The Skeleton Clock is available as an eBook in iBooks, Kindle, and most other formats.

The first novel in his adult SF series The Never War is due to be published by Del Rey in the autumn.

Before writing full time, Justin has worked in the computer industry, and as an odd-job man at a hotel exclusively for postmen. Justin currently acts as Creative Consultant to BBC Books’ range of Doctor Who titles, as well as writing quite a few himself.

Married with two sons, Justin lives and works in Warwick, within sight of one of Britain’s best-preserved castles.

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