Burn’s World, by Eve Rabi

17285847[1]-001Crazy and Compelling Love Story!

Burn’s World (books 1-4) describes a compulsive and addictive love triangle. Once again Eve Rabi has created a unique plot full of humour, mayhem and emotional highs and lows. The tale is also peppered with hilarious observations of the human condition. This is the second book that I have read by the author, the first being Gringa – In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord (click for review). Once again I could not stop reading until I had finished it as I was so enthralled. Although more light hearted than Gringa,  it does contain profanities, racial slurs, drug taking and some violence and is therefore suited to those aged 18 and over.

In Burn’s World, we witness the trials and tribulations of Burn, an American of mixed race, from her teenage to her adult years. Her main source of both joy and heartbreak is the love she develops for two men who are polar opposites, thus creating the classic love triangle. She also has to grapple with a ‘special gift’ she has inherited, giving the story a paranormal twist.

When the tale begins, Burn and her little sister Angel are living with their aunt Carlene and her two daughters Daisy and Lanie, where they have lived since the death of her parents. Carlene is a tramp and her daughters are lazy and selfish and all three are happy to let Burn keep house and hold down a part-time job on top of her school work. Burn does all this so that Angel, the sister she adores, does not go without.

At school Burn is the butt of many a racist remark, especially from a group of white boys led by Bud McGraw. She meets Brody McGraw, the school heartthrob and all American boy and they fall in love. Brody is Burn’s first boyfriend and she is ecstatic. However, their love is doomed as Brody’s parents do not approve of a girl of mixed race. Heartbroken, Burn walks away, realising that she will never be good enough for Brody’s family. Brody and Burn however, still have strong feelings for each other, which manfest in some memorable scenes throughout the tale. At this point badass Trojan moves in on Burn, wanting what the ‘white boy’ has. His gang has had a run in with Brody and his cousins and Burn fears that Brody is Trojan’s next target. In return for leaving Brody untouched, Burn allows Trojan to ‘date’ her. Trojan does so and tones down his bad boy image and he supports her through some rough times. They form a strong attachment and become a couple.

However, how will Burn react when Brody once again walks into her life? Is her future with Brody or Trojan, who has given up so much for her? The road to love is a rocky one for Burn as she leaves her teenage years and enters adulthood and there are many unexpected plot twists, where Burn is forced to examine her feelings for Trojan and Brody. The tale is both tragic and heart warming. Where will it all end? Will Burn’s ‘special gift’ endanger her as it exposes her to those who have secrets to keep? There is resolution to the love triangle but it is a tale that had me hooked from start to finish and made me laugh, cry and feel every emotion in between.

Burn is a great heroine, sassy and strong, with an inner goodness that shines through. I really felt for her when she was faced with the open hostility of Brody’s racist parents and I empathised with how she could love two men. Although I thought that Brody stayed under the influence of his parents for too long, I was pleased with how his character turned out and that when Burn faced some difficult situations he did step in to help. Unlike Brody, Trojan has had to fight to survive. He has a heart of gold and is very protective of her and those she cares for. Yes he is violent on occasion, but he does change for Burn and this was endearing. I really felt the love that the two guys had for Burn and the love making scenes between Burn and Brody and Burn and Trojan ranged from sweet to downright hot and I loved them!

There is a great cast of supporting characters, from Burn’s skanky aunt, to her cousins, friends and co-workers.  Of special mention are Hawk and Erro, who are connected with Burn’s special gift. I love Eve Rabi’s characters, as they embrace all types of human strengths and frailties and the plot highlights these traits in the extreme, making for an entertaining and insightful read.  Her characters are not perfect, they do not always make the right decisions or act within the law, but they are all the more believable and lovable because of it.

I recommend this series to those who like an emotional and sometimes hilarious read, full of romance, mayhem and vibrant characters.

A copy of the Burn’s World series was given to me by the author for the purpose of providing an honest and fair review.

Eve Rabi’s website

Burn’s World on Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords , where there is also a great video promo of the series.


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