Update from Caroline

Hello, readers! I hope you are enjoying the bank holiday, the sunshine and your novels! 🙂

Mere EnchantmentLast week I reviewed Alicia Rivioli‘s modern-day fairytale adventures, ‘Mere Enchantment (Book 1)’ and the sequel, ‘Rings of Enchantment (Book 2)’. In this Enchantment series, at the same time as being in a strange, magical  land with dragons and wizards and trying to learn their own abilities, Preston, Chloe, Jason, Megan and Zach fight to be reunited again and to free the Kingdom of Mere from the traitor, Jacan and his army! Along with my review, Alicia also took some time to write an author post. Thank you, Alicia!

The Silk Romance 333x500-001Meanwhile, Tina has reviewed a contemporary romance with Helena Fairfax‘s debut novel ‘The Silk Romance’. We would also like to thank Helena for also taking the time to write an author post to accompany Tina’s review.

In regards to our werewolf theme we have put together a list of recommended paranormal romance books featuring werewolves and we are also hosting a Werewolf Wishlist competition, asking for readers to provide us with a title/titles of any werewolf-themed books that you have read or been recommended,  in return to have a chance at winning a £5 Amazon Voucher (or the equivalent currency). To enter please visit our competitions page to leave your comment/suggestion. All suggestions need to be posted by Wednesday 29th May 2013. Thank you and good luck, guys!!

Our True Crime page was also added to our site. The book reviews that I add here will be saved only to the True Crime page and will not be posted on our main page due to the fact that they do not tie in with the majority of fictional books we read and review and because of their sensitive nature. However, as and when I review a book for this category we will mention it in our updates and possibly write a short post with the link.

lieber-awardOn a more fun note, A Reader’s Review Blog has been nominated by Sabrina at The Urban Book Thief for the Liebster Award! Bloggers pass on this award to new bloggers if they feel that their blog is worth viewing, but with fewer than 200 followers! To accept the award we must list 11 facts about ourselves, answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated us and also nominate 11 other new blogs for this amazing award! Hehe! As a little bit of fun, Tina and myself have decided we would both post 11 facts about ourselves and answer the questions from Sabrina! More to come on this later this week!!!

Which leaves us with books that we are reading and reviewing this week! Well, Tina will be reading the recent releases ‘Minutes Before Sunset’, a Young Adult paranormal by Shannon A. Thompson, with which there will be an author post, and ‘Borderland Beauty’ by Samantha Holt. In the meantime, I have some catching up to do as I have just begun Ann Logan’s ‘Charades’. Tina and myself are hoping to post a joint review of this novel this week. My next book will be either ‘The Mating’ by Nicky Charles or ‘Ravaged (otherwise known as ‘Overwinter’)’ by David Wellington (which is the second book in David Wellington’s Werewolf series). Overtime, I will review both books. You can find my review of David Wellington’s first book in his werewolf series ‘Cursed’ (otherwise known as ‘Frostbite’) here.

Have a fab weekend. Caroline 🙂

‘Mere Enchantment’ cover art by Danijel Firak

‘The Silk Romance’ cover art by Charlotte Volnek

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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