Spotlight on Sarah Colliver, Author of the Peggy Rodman Series

Lomogram_2013-05-30_08-32-48-PMA big welcome today to Sarah Colliver, author of the first two instalments of the Peggy Rodman Series, Echoes of the Past – Harry and Echoes of the Past – Eloise. Sarah has kindly agreed to share her thoughts on the inspiration behind her writing and tell us about her blog where she shares her photographs, short stories and poems with readers. Scroll down after reading this post if you would like to read my reviews of the Peggy series. Thank you. Tina 🙂 Now over to Sarah…….

Echoes from the Past – Harry” was my first attempt at sharing any story I have written. I was inspired to write it during the painful time after I suddenly lost my dear Mum and it helped me through the dark days. My relationship with Peggy developed and I continued writing about her using the area I live in for inspiration. The feedback I received was positive and encouraged me to publish the second instalment on Amazon.  Writing “Eloise” – the second part of Peggy’s story was a totally different experience from the first and as I wrote the unfolding twists and turns I was on a journey of discovery myself, just like the character I was creating.  I have recently completed part three, “The Lost Children” and begun a final fourth part. I hope to eventually bring all four parts into one novel eventually.  I tend to correct people when they say I have written four stories as in my mind they are very much one story but in three parts.

Having grown up in Surrey, moving to the Forest only 4 years ago, I am daily surprised and inspired by the beauty surrounding us. We remain determined not to take the spectacular views and changing colours for granted. The seasons here are like a theatrical show with the drama of winter; the dawn of spring; the emerald backdrop of summer and the gilded trees of the autumn. Each act never failing to take your breath away as you stroll through a part of the forest amazed at the changes Mother Nature commands.

I have two sons, like chalk and cheese, who are growing up before my very eyes; a supportive husband who still manages to make me laugh after 18 years and the other two members of our household are my Dad and our crazy beagle – Jess! We muddle along together and generally try and laugh more than we cry.

My hobby is creative writing and I’ve decided to try a more structured approach to it now that my boys are more independent, to see where it takes me. The main thing is I write because I enjoy it and am hoping to continue improving along the way. If anyone gets pleasure from reading my stories, then I am one happy lady!

If you would like to find out more about my writing, you can find me on ‘Facebook’, “Echoes from the Past – Peggy Rodman“- If you stop by I would LOVE to hear from you with your comments! I also have a blog on ‘WordPress’ where I post various items from photographs, short stories and poems to ramblings on everyday life, so head on over if you are interested! I am always keen to hear how people feel and relate to my characters, so please do let me know.

Where you can find me:

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