A Novel Idea from Author Mary Raimes Curtis – Read Candle Without a Flame

candlewithoutaflame333x500-001Read this Exciting Tale FREE on Mary’s New Blog and Read on for an Excerpt from Chapter 2!

I’ve reviewed one of author Mary Raimes Curtis’ books, Luscious and Lethal (The Gilded River Chronicles), a Romantic Suspense, on this blog and have also read her novel Taming the Hawk, a historical romance novel set in Victorian England, which were both fantastic reads, with memorable characters and plots.

Mary is now serializing one of her novels entitled Candle Without A Flame online on her new blog, entitled A Writer’s Journey, in which, amongst other endeavours, she  says that she is able,

to do something I had long wanted to try, serialize one of my stories. Just as Dickens and others writers did in the Victorian era………………. Candle Without A Flame, a story about a child musical prodigy who faces the loss of her beloved parents. A misstep by her guardian leaves her in the hands of an unscrupulous manager. I do hope you come along as we follow Erin on her rocky journey from despair to the creation of a new life”.

I thought that I would share this with you as it gives readers a great opportunity to check out her writing style and read one of her stories over the coming months. Read on if you would like to read an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the book, which Mary has kindly permitted us to share with our readers, and would like to find out the links to read more.

Excerpt from Candle Without A Flame: Chapter Two

‘Erin watched Zach turn away. His harsh words made her want to run, from him, from herself, from the past. Long-rejected memories spilled through dark cracks and swamped her. Still she floundered forward, wanting to outrun the veracity of what had been. She could hardly breathe as sorrow wound tight around her chest and blocked her throat. Then, suddenly, she stumbled and fell, cracking her knees on the cabin’s granite step and sprawled forward. Her head thudded on damp mossy ground, as the past she had denied for seven years, escaped and wouldn’t be denied.

Vaguely, she heard Zack call her name and felt the thud of his footsteps hurrying towards her. He was too late. Memory dragged her back to a place she didn’t want to be. She was twelve years old again and drained as she always was after a performance. Her mom and dad should have been back from their dig and sitting in the reserved seats at the Albert Hall. She had watched for them from the wings before stepping on stage. Her dad always sat in the aisle seat so he could stretch out his long legs. Adam, her parent’s friend, sat there now. A sense of tragedy made her feel ill. Still, the audience waited to hear her play so she tried to concentrate on giving the performance expected of a professional. Later, Adam took charge, cleaving through the well-wishers and autograph seekers and handed her into the waiting limo. The London townhouse was silent. The dining table set with glinting crystal and fine china, ready for the special late dinner planned for her mom and dad’s homecoming. Then Adam told her things she hadn’t wanted to acknowledge, then or now.’

Candle Without A Flame is serialized in A Writer’s Journey blog at: http://maryraimescurtis.blogspot.com/

You can read chapter 1 on Mary’s site, and chapter 2 in its entirety, by clicking on the link below. I am already hooked and can’t wait for the next instalment!


You can also subscribe to the site so that you get regular updates delivered straight to your in box. Mary’s blog also showcases authors that she admires and has a special section for cat lovers, entitled CATAMANIA, which focuses on rescued feral cats in Nova Scotia. You can also read more about her other novels, Taming the Hawk and Luscious and Lethal on her blog. The fabulous cover art for  Candle Without a Flame and Mary’s other novels was carried out by Marion Sipe.

Tina 🙂

Mary’s other novels:


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4 thoughts on “A Novel Idea from Author Mary Raimes Curtis – Read Candle Without a Flame

  1. I’ve been following Mary’s blog, too, and love the idea of the serialisation. Her novel has a Dickensian feel to it, and it’s perfect. I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

    • Me too Helena. Mary has created a very sympathetic heroine and introduced what I suspect are some other key characters early on. There is also the prospect of Erin’s tormentor waiting in the wings.

  2. I daresay anything by Mary promises to be excellent reading.

    • I agree Suzanne. I loved Taming the Hawk, my introduction to Mary’s work, which I came across on Smashwords and swiftly got hold of Luscious and Lethal when it came out. Candle Without a Flame is shaping up to be another awesome read.

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