A Werewolf Wish List to Sink Your Fangs Into!

shutterstock Werewolf1_89654491-001In May we produced a list of recommended books featuring werewolves, which we have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some other werewolf themed books on our Kindle and bookshelves, which we have yet to read, but which look as if they would be tasty morsels to sink our fangs into! The Goodreads link is there, where available, if you are interested in finding out more:

If you have read any them please let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear from you.

Tina 🙂

Romeo and Juliet: A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story. H. T. Night

Set in the distant future, the city of New York is beset by bitter feuding between families at war. The Vampires, led by the House of Capulet are led by Juliet’s father. The werewolves are led by Lord Montague, Romeo’s father.

The Werewolf Prince and I (Moretti Werewolf Series). Marian Tee.

This looks like a fun read! Misty’s boring life as an intern at Moretti Inc.’s Administration Department is about to change when she encounters Domenico Moretti, the ruthless, cunning and aloof CEO, her boss. Goodreads link.

Her Viking Wolf. Theodora Taylor.

Chloe Adams is engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado. But a sexy time-traveling Viking werewolf appears to claim her as his fated mate! Goodreads link.

Forever Bound (A Vampire and Werewolf Romance Anthology). Cynthia Eden.

Includes Bound by Blood, Bound in Darkness,Bound in Sin and Bound by the Night. Dark and sexy novellas, where vampires and werewolves are forced to trust each other and lose their hearts. 90,000 words. Goodreads link.

 Macreive. Kresley Cole.

Uilleam MacRieve craves the oblivion of death. Until he finds her—a young human so full of spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink. Seized for the auction block, Chloe Todd is forced to enter a terrifying new world of monsters and lore as a bound slave. Until she’s claimed by him—a tormented immortal with heartbreaking eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire. Yet his sensual mate becomes something more than human, evoking his savage past and testing his sanity. Goodreads link.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince. Kresley Cole.

Lucia the Huntress harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her—and those she loves. Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae: the brutal Highland warrior who burns to finally claim this maddeningly sensual creature as his own. Garreth has long watched over Lucia. Now, the only way to keep the proud huntress safe from harm is to convince her to accept him as her guardian. To do this, Garreth will ruthlessly exploit Lucia’s greatest weakness—her wanton desire for him. Goodreads link.

Canyon Wolf Bride. Alisha Paige.

Her debut novel, which has been republished. Olympic ski champion Sean Wilson takes his best friend’s widow on vacation to the Grand Canyon, here romance blooms. Yet Paige is unable to see herself married to a half man half wolf. Goodreads link.

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