Wolfen Domination (Project Nemesis #1) – a short story by Celeste Anwar

Wolfen DominationCeleste Anwar’s Wolfen Domination (Project Nemesis #1) is a dramatic erotica short story which is suitable only for the adult reader (18 yrs+) due to its content. Full of adventure Wolfen Domination follows the consequences of a captured Lycan, Jesse Stone, and the part that scientist, Erin Maddox, played in him being physically used (and non-consensually) – all in the name of science!

Project Nemesis is a secretive, government supported project that involved capturing a Lycan once their existence was discovered and its mission was to find out as much as possible on this new discovered species. However, head scientists Doctor Wagner and Doctor Freda Dallas appear to get carried away with their experiments and the reader soon discovers that Jesse has been starved and tortured. The reader instantly wants Jesse to escape any way he can.

The only part of Jesse’s day that was a small compensation was seeing the young scientist, Erin, when she came to leave him some food. But over time, after countless tests and torturous moments, Erin showed up in his cage seemingly willing to take part in the science experiments herself. It wasn’t until after the deed itself that it dawned on Jesse that Erin had been willing – willing to use him. The one moment he looked forward to, in seeing her, now completely enraged him. She was one of them. Jesse was furious and longed to escape in order to kill them, to avenge his mistreatment of physical and mental torturous hell! He plans to kill Erin last due to the pain and betrayal she has made him feel.

Celeste Anwar throws the reader straight in the deep end with the experiments having taken place, Jesse having been tortured and Freda and Wagner discussing how they can perform a further experiment with Jesse. The reader is made aware of the callousness of Doctor Wagner and Doctor Freda and the extremes that they will go to without taking any moment to think of the rights of Jesse.

There are moments when I felt that Wolfen Domination was rushed. The reader is not provided with much, if any, background information on Jesse or any of the other Lycans. We are made aware of what Jesse is from the beginning but apart from that there are no real dramatic descriptions of him ‘turning’ or much about his characteristics. Also, the on/off attraction between Jesse and Erin at times doesn’t seem believable as aside from the experiments we know too little about these characters. I do think this story would have benefitted from a more intense build-up and allowing the readers to get close to the main characters. That said, Wolfen Domination is quite adventurous and becomes moreso as the story moves on.

In terms of erotica, the reader is provided with some very intimate scenes between Jesse and Erin. Jesse is obviously attracted to her quite strongly. These scenes are mostly at the beginning of the story and the story then unfolds into a more paranormal action/adventure. However, some of these scenes are non-consensual, hence the recommendation for ADULT readers only, and therefore this may not be for everyone – a more erotic/horror. These scenes are necessary for the main plot, however, and if you can bear reading scenes of this nature the plot thereafter is quite interesting, following the consequences of the experiments and Jesse’s reaction to all that he has been through.

To mention what takes place after the experiments on Jessie would spoil the story. However, it is a worthwhile read and I would consider reading more of Celeste Anwar’s work. There are moments when the reader is completely involved in the story and connected to the characters, although there are moments that the reader could possibly struggle with following the concepts due to a lack of background knowledge. However, reading the whole story certainly allows for the reader to see where the plot is actually going and the potential it has.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

2 thoughts on “Wolfen Domination (Project Nemesis #1) – a short story by Celeste Anwar

  1. I really liked this story Caroline. The author certainly puts the hero and the heroine in some interesting situations! 🙂

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