Betrayed (# 3 in the Roman/Druid Series), by Christina Phillips

We are participating in author Christina Phillips’ Cover Reveal Blog Tour for her new historical erotic romance Tainted, set in ancient Britain and featuring sexy Celtic and Roman warriors and the women who melt their hearts. A copy of Betrayed, the previous novel in the series is being offered as a prize in the competition associated with the tour, so I thought that I would reblog our earlier review of it. If you like it you may also want to check out the Cover Reveal Blog post coming soon, where you can read an excerpt of Tainted, the new novel and find out about the comprtition. Tina 🙂


17401185[1]-002Erotic Historical Romance

Adult content 18+

A Beautiful and Passionate Meeting Of Soul Mates

Betrayed is an erotic historical romance, set in Roman Britain. It describes a beautiful and passionate love between two sworn enemies, Tacitus, a Roman Tribune and Nimue, a priestess from the Druid nobility, whom the Romans are pledged to eradicate. It is a fantastic addition to the other two books in Christina Phillips’ Roman/Druid Series, Forbidden and Captive, and can be read as a stand alone.

Betrayed takes place in Cymru, in 51 A.D, where the Romans are committed to quashing rebellion. Whilst on an important mission for Caratacus, the Briton King, Druid priestess Nimue is injured and captured. Tacitus is entranced by her beauty and demeanor. To prevent her being treated as a spoil of war to be sold to the highest bidder, he purchases her as his slave, lest any other man seeks to possess…

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