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With one thing and another this last few months it has been a while since I have written an update! I have been readingEaster 2013 017-002 and reviewing however and scouring both online sites and bookshops to add to my already enormous ‘to read’ list. This update is a little longer than usual (so bear with me!) and includes both mine and Caroline’s latest reads as well as what we plan to read next.

Since our last update I have reviewed a number of great books and posted on the following:

18043348[1]Heart of the Diamond, by Carrie Brock -A Regency Romance, where the hero deliberately compromises the heroine to compel her to marry him, so that he can gain revenge on her father and childhood sweetheart. This is a very sweet romance, with some engaging characters and a strong plot. The hero tries to be a blackguard, but cannot quite manage it as he is completely undone by the charms of his enemy’s daughter!

Hunter on a Moonless Night, by Elena Han – A dark and erotic fantasy romance. Although a short hunterread the author packs a lot of plot and passion into this story, which is set in a medieval type world. Lord Duinel, returning to his ancestral home after a long absence seeks to protect a young woman, Nimae, who he finds working in his stables, from a dark secret that is about to bring terror and death to his lands.

18214817[1]The Genie Smolders, by Kellyann Zuzulo – The second book of the Zubis Chronicles is brimming with action, suspense and sensuality in a love that transcends time. It continues the love  between the genie Zubis and Bethany, the reincarnation of the ancient priestess Lina. Their ill-fated love affair at the time of Solomon resulted in Lina’s brutal murder and Zubis and two other geniew being punished and banished. Lina has now been reincarnated as Bethany and the genie that murdered Lina is seeking to satisfy her own terrible agenda, as are others. Zubis and Bethany must fight for their lives and the fate of the world and resist being pawns in a deadly game.

Heart of Obsidian, by Nalini Singh – book 12 in the Psy-Changeling series. A dark, dangerous and seductive story. uk%20heart%20of%20obsidian%20small%20with%20shadow[1]Contains a dark, tortured and deadly hero in the form of Kaleb, whom readers will know as the Psy ex-councilor. He has the potential to be the saviour or the destroyer of the Psy race and the rest of the world. All hinges on his relationship with Sahara Kyriakus, whom he finally frees from a terrible imprisonment after seeking her for seven years. What will happen when Sahara’s mind, fractured by years of torture and abuse, finally recalls Kaleb’s role in her past?

proposalrevises-191x300[1]The Proposal, by Mary Balogh – book 1 in her new Survivors’ Club Regency Romance series. The romance in this book focuses on war hero Hugo Emes, who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and survivor’s guilt after returning from the Napoleonic wars. It pairs him with Lady Gwendoline Muir, a widow who has had her own share of heartbreak. They form an unexpected and passionate attachment, but their worlds seem to far apart for them to have a future together.  Hugo’ has a solid middle class backgroud and Gwendoline is a member of the Ton. This touching romance examines if two people from different classes can find some middle ground on which to live their lives.

Tainted, by Christina Phillips. book #4 in her erotic historical romance series Forbidden, featuring scorching romancestainted_msr-001 between Romans and Celts. This book has an uber sexy Druid warrior, Gawain, as its hero and a Roman aristocrat, Antonia, as its heroine. Their attraction is immediate and they enter into a liaison which they both believe will be brief. However, they did not bank on love, which draws these two people, who should be bitter enemies, together. However, secrets and treachery abound in a time when to be a Druid was punishable by cruxifiction.

Confessions of a Bookaholic – A very unscientifically drawn up quiz to determine whether you share any of my bookaholic traits and where you can see how you score!

Werewolf Wishlist – This was produced following our Lycan Love- In feature, where we reviewed werewolf themed books. it included those books we have yet to read but which look as if they could be tasty morsels to sink our teeth into!

Tainted Cover Reveal Cover Reveal Blog Hop for Christina Phillips’ Tainted – Enter for a chance to win some super prizes – open until 20th September!

Forthcoming Reads – Tina

My reads over the next week or so include a contemporary romance, a native American/American Frontier Romance and  a dark paranormal/horror, featuring vampires. There will also be a giveaway attached to the latter.

the-antique-love-300dpi[1]A Contemporary Romance – The Antique Love, by Helena Fairfax

Helena Fairfax’s novel, The Antique Love is released on August 30th. The book tells of a romance between a  Wyoming man Kurt Bold and Penny Rosas, who runs an antique shop. Penny assumes that this handsome stranger who enters her shop is a romantic cowboy straight from the pages of a book. However, Kurt brings her dreams back down to earth with a bump as his job is in the City and he believes that romance is for dreamers and he has first hand experience of how destructive love can be. Now he’s looking for a wife, with a marriage based on logic and rational decisions. Kurt treats Penny like he would his kid sister, but when he hires her to help refurbish his beautiful Victorian house near Richmond Park, it’s not long before he starts to realise it’s not just his home she’s breathing life into. The logical heart he has guarded so carefully all these years is opening up to new emotions, in a most disturbing way…

A Sensual Native American/American Frontier Romance – Wolfkeeper’s Woman, by Lisa Day9196442[1]

This romance tells of a native American warrior Wolfkeeper, whose actions prompt him to question how he could have tender feelings for someone he considers an enemy. Wolfkeeper felt no guilt when he took the child from his natural mother for his brother and sister-in-law to raise as they had no children of their own. He took the mother too, to ensure that the infant would survive the journey. Cassie had only recently began to believe she found happiness. Now she learned to hate. She just wants her son back. Thrown into an unfamiliar lifestyle and unable to communicate she must learn how to stay alive for her son. She will learn the language. She will follow the rules. She will do anything she needs to get her son back. But will it be enough?

TheBadDeath-KindleCoverThe Bad Death, by Naima Haviland, a dark paranormal/horror.

The Bad Death,  which is both a sequel and a prequel to the author’s novel Bloodroom (click title for review). It features Julian, the hero, before he was a vampire. The Bad Death can be enjoyed without first having to read Bloodroom, but the author advises readers interested in Bloodroom to read it first as The Bad Death does hold a Bloodroom spoiler. If you like the sound of Bloodroom and The Bad Death, look out for the review in the coming weeks and also for details of a giveaway by the author on this blog.

Caroline’s Reviews

BorealAndJohnGreySeason1Box-v5_mediumCaroline has reviewed the complete Season One of Boreal and John Grey by Chrystalla Thoma. This is an urban fantasy full of action and adventure where gateways between worlds begin appearing and threaten a whole city with Shades, goblins, snakes, dragons, dwarves and sexy elves. The Complete Season one consists of the first five books: The Encounter, The Gate, The Dragon, The Dream and The Truth! The review focuses mostly on the main characters, Ella Benson (an agent for the Paranoramal Bureau) and her new temporary partner, Finn, who just happens to be sexy and heroic. To review the plot in too much detail would have probably spoiled the story as it is quick paced and changeable with twists and turns, however the book blurb accompanies the review with more links and info on the author!

the-pull_1The Pull by Brooke Morris is the next review from Caroline. The Pull is a young adult fantasy following the main character, Maggie, who discovers that she is half faerie and half demon whose mother escaped from the Old World and into the New. Maggie is at her happiest when hiking and enjoying the forests and yet, in her dreams, she slowly watches forests dry up and wither away. But as she finds out more about who she is will she be able to save her Old World from dying? Whilst in the meantime she discovers that as a half-breed she was meant to be destroyed as her kind (half-breeds) are feared by others including faeries, demons, umbrokers, witches, dwarves and men!

The One PercentersFollowing The Pull, Caroline will be reading and reviewing The One Percenters by John Podgursky, a psychological thriller/horror. After a man’s wife is murdered he becomes a one percenter, where he decides on who can carry on the human race and eliminates those he believes are weak, ensuring that they do not breed. But will he be able to keep to these rules?

Dead Push (Kiera Hudson Series Two, #7)Caroline also recently re-blogged her review of Tim O’Rourke’s The Vampire Seeker as it has now been released by Piatkus/Little Brown Publishing as an e-book. The paperback will be released in January 2014 with the following two books of the Samantha Carter series to follow. Congratulations to Tim on these releases!! Tim has also recently released his self-published The Dead Push (Keira Hudson Series 2, Book 7) which Caroline is eager to read soon after she has caught up with the last Keira Hudson book, Dead Water!

Happy reading!

Tina and Caroline 🙂

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