Bloodroom and Release of A Bad Death, by Naima Haviland

13609447[1]A Dark Paranormal/Horror Romance

One of the first books that I reviewed for this blog was Bloodroom by Naima Haviland. It is one of those reads that has stayed with me – the hero, a vampire, has been the subject of both my dreams and my nightmares ever since!

In Bloodroom we see Julian Mouret, a master vampire, have his loyalties torn between upholding vampire law and letting Natalie, the human he has become obsessed with survive when he is honour bound to kill her. I recommend this book to lovers of dark paranormal romance and horror, especially for those with a love of the modern gothic and the erotic. I have reblogged this review alongside this post in case readers missed it the first time around – so scroll down after this post if you want to read the review.

One of my next reads, which I am really looking forward to, will be The Bad DeathTheBadDeath-KindleCoverwhich is both a sequel and a prequel to Bloodroom. It features Julian before he was a vampire and is set in South Carolina in 1788. It has recently been released in paperback and the Kindle version is now available. Here is an abridged version of the book blurb:

The African beauty emerging from his family crypt is a stranger to plantation owner Julian Mouret. A mystery, she spins a dark tale of peril and flight. Though he fears she must be mad, the handsome slave owner is soon lost to this enchantress. But there can be no safe haven. A series of horrifying mutilation murders screams of the presence of “plat-eyes”—shape-shifting blood-sucking supernatural creatures —and only Anika can end the rampage. But to face the vampire horde she will have to master the darkness within. And the price of  victory in the battle ahead may well be the eternal soul of the man she is coming to love.

The Bad Death can be enjoyed without first having to read Bloodroom, but the author advises readers interested in Bloodroom to read it first as The Bad Death does hold a Bloodroom spoiler. If you like the sound of this series, look out for the review of The Bad Death in the coming weeks and also for details of a giveaway by the author on this blog.

Tina 🙂

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