Another free promo!

Erica Dakin’s first novel, The Ritual, is FREE for Kindle for the next day ot two. For adults only it is a mixture of romance, fantasy and adventure. Why not grab yourself a copy? Tina 🙂

Theft and Sorcery

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you! My first novel, The Ritual, will be absolutely FREE for Kindle today and tomorrow. It is an equal blend of romance, fantasy and adventure, with a good dollop of spice to keep your blood up. To grab yourself a copy, follow your country-appropriate link below. Adults only! Re-blogging much appreciated. (United States) (Great Britain) (Canada)

It will be free on most other Amazon sites as well, but I didn’t want to overload everyone with twenty-five links.

Need an incentive? Here are some excerpts from the various reviews I’ve had on both Goodreads and Amazon:

“The build-up of the relationship between Rin and Zash is tangible, palpable, to the point that I held my breath when they were on that knife-edge point of succumbing to desire.”

“I read the book in two sittings – I just had to know what happened.”

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