On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews (with author bio and author post link)

PumpkinHappy Halloween, readers. If you’re looking for something that’s chilling-to-the-bone to read on this cold, dark day then you may want to try Mark Matthews’ On the Lips of Children! You’ll most certainly need those bed covers to hide behind!

Caroline & Tina 🙂


on-the-lips-of-children_1On the Lips of Children by Mark Matthews is absolutely terrifying and chilling to the bone, quite literally within the first few pages of the prologue. Certainly not for the younger reader, On the Lips of Children is an over 18yrs read due to the horror and gore, not to mention the emotional scar it leaves behind. This is definitely a must-read for all horror fans that like a book to leave a profound impact on them.

Macon is a tattoo artist and an avid marathon runner. These two interests of his are his life along with his partner, Erin, and their six year old daughter, Lyric. Erin and Macon have had their fair share of dark ordeals before they met, however nothing could have prepared them for the terrifying horror that they were about to encounter.

After arriving in San Diego to run a marathon in two days time…

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