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Birthday Cake1Festivities and Celebrations Galore!!!

Like most people it has been a busy few weeks with the end of the year celebrations fast approaching. Whilst many of our readers in the US have been celebrating Thanksgiving, the Williams household has celebrated the youngest member’s fifth birthday. It was lovely to see her so excited at reaching such a grand old age! My own birthday is imminent, but I am not quite as keen on being reminded of my advancing years! As usual I am far behind with my Christmas preparations, although I have sorted out what I am going to read so all is not yet lost!

We have both read books from many genres in the last week or so and also hosted cover reveals and book tours for what look like some fantastic reads, some of which we will be reviewing soon. I’ve summarised our recent reads and set out those for the next few weeks, which will take us up to the end of the year. You may also want to take a peek at my post entitled Tina’s Autumn Harvest of Reads, in which I set out some of the books I plan to read over the coming months. Caroline also has some exciting news to share too. Happy Reading!

Tina 🙂


13425802 PODS coverPODS, by Michelle Pickett – Young Adult Science Fiction/Dystopian Romance – A terrifying vision of the future involving humanity’s near destruction from a deadly virus and what happens to those chosen to live in safety in underground habitats, while others die above ground. Eva meets David in the PODs and they fall in love. When the PODs are opened, survivors find that the virus has mutated, infecting those top-side, creating zombie like monsters. Together they try to build a life, but the infected are relentless in their attacks, leaving them to fight for survival, and pray for a cure.

The One Knight Collection, by Samantha Holt – Sensual Historical Romance Collection – comprising fouroneknightcollection.jpg.opt264x398o0,0s264x398[1] medieval tales: One Knight; Black Knight; White Knight and Highland Knight, all addressing the theme of, if you had one night to prove your love…could you? If you enjoy sensual  tales involving scrummy alpha males that  quickly get very up close and personal with the heroines you will definitely enjoy this collection! Those familiar with Samantha Holt’s work will lap this up and for other readers it is a great introduction to her work.

14759447[1]A Handful of Blossoms, by Lara Biyuts – Literary Historical Paranormal – Set in central Europe in 1764 and recounted in the form of a diary written by a young newly wed princess, Constance. We learn of her unconsummated marriage to the worldly and intellectual Prince Constantine, who loves men, not women. Constance strives to adjust to this situation, fighting her strange attraction to him, seeking solace in nature and immersing herself in tales of European folklore. A mysterious man from Constantine’s past is not what he first seems and a number of paranormal events, featuring ‘the undead’ take place.

Cover reveal for Her Savage Scot , the first book in Christina Phillips’ new Highland Warrior Chronicles –  Erotic HSS Cover Reveal 1Historical Romance – Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king and is captivated by a  beautiful Pictish widow, unaware of her true identity, he risks everything for one passionate night. Aila swore she would do anything within her power to vanquish the Vikings who invaded her land and murdered her husband. Aila becomes a pawn in a deadly game of politics. Her heart belongs to Connor, but she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother. Click on the image on the right to enter the Rafflecopter competition to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes – competition open until 16th December 2013.

309985_113790502160320_351626349_nCover Reveal for Marsh Island, by Oliver Chase – the First Instalment of an Exciting New Mystery/Thriller Series –  Army Ranger Phil Pfeifer is left for dead in the mountains of Iran only days before the start of the Gulf War. Seeking a new life as a private investigator, Phil is hired to find a wayward husband who’s become enraptured with stars and predicting the future. A simple case is anything but when murder ensues, the Mafia pursue him and the terminally ill wife sends him into the tropics to face death, sharks, miles of open ocean, and prison.


101nights_tiny[1]101 Nights Series, by Kelly Ann Zuzulo, #1, To Have and To Hold and #2 Reluctant 101nights_no2_reluctant-rapture[1]Rapture, the first two books in the tale of love, lust, lies and loyalty that surround a beautiful genie living in the New Jersey suburbs. Introduced to her new husband-of-convenience, Dr. Jason Masters, hot-tempered genie ambassador Amani Zarin must decide if their chemistry will save her world…or end his. She must navigate conniving board members, hostile ex-lovers and nosy suburban neighbors, and since their chemistry will literally save her world, she and her new husband must find a way to achieve wedded bliss—at least for… 101 nights.

The Twefth Night Wager, by Regan Walker- The Rake and the Innocent Widow – This holiday season, 715486[1]Christopher St. Ives, Viscount Eustace, planned to give himself a gift, agreeing to the wager: seduce bed and walk away from the lovely Lady Leisterfield, all by Twelfth Night. She was too proper by half, but Grace was at last shedding the drab colors of mourning. The house felt empty, more so during the coming Christmastide, and so tonight her coming out would begin with a scandalous piece of theater, attracting rogues, or so promised her friend! It would indeed. The night would bring about the greatest danger—and the greatest happiness—that Grace had ever known

LightningStrike_MEDLightning Strike, by Beverly Ovalle – For generations Levi’s family had guarded a sacred glen. Now his family, led by his grandmother, wants to sell the land.  Armed with his camera and his well-known expertise behind the lens, he heads out to prove why they need to continue their guardianship and that his grandfather’s tales ring true. To provide that proof and protect the secrets of the glen from the world, Gaia needs to convince Levi to continue that protection.  Daphnaie, the embodiment of his every dream, is sent to show him why, stealing his heart in the process to save her world.

My Savage Scot, by Christina Phillips – #1 in The Highland Warrior Chronicles –  Erotic Historical Romance hersavagescott_msrthe author’s first foray into the world of the Picts and the Scots, which promises to be as hot as her last series Forbidden, which was set in Roman Britain. Here Scot warrior Connor MacKenzie falls for a beautiful Pictish widow, unaware that she must marry the prince of Dal Riada – Connor’s half-brother.

Coming soon – reviews of some novels by Charlotte Boyett-Compo and Freaky Folk Tales.


1483293_10201261455993754_1572058602_nSince our last review Caroline has read a mixture of genres including a short western contemporary erotic  romance,  a dark sci-fi/paranormal, a disturbing psychological horror and a sweet seasonal contemporary romance! The latter has been the start for Caroline’s festivities as she has also been spending time out this week Christmas shopping and decorating her tree! We sure do hope that our followers in the States had a fantastic Thanksgiving 🙂

Caroline has also been feeling quite excited for the newly established publishers Hashtag Books, who will be releasing their first books on 1st December 2013! Hashtag Books was set up by author, Tim O’Rourke, his wife, Lynda and Peter Buckman. We will be posting a main feature on this date for Hashtag with info on their first releases so please come and check this out!

So, for Caroline’s reads and reviews:-

Roping LoveRoping Love by Tamara Hoffa is a short western contemporary erotic romance for the more mature reader. After giving her heart away to cowboy Chance a decade earlier, Carrie unexpectedly encounters him again. Is Carrie still too heartbroken and unforgiving of Chance or will Chance be able to rope in Carrie’s love for a second time? This is a very quick read and our review is also accompanied by a short author bio!

Reviews to be posted soon:-

Demonica_Cover_(Resized)Will Davis’ ‘Demonica’ is a very disturbing psychological modern-day fairytale/horror. After a terrible accident scars a young woman’s face she locks herself away at home. Her cruel mother, Veronica, reacts extremely (intentionally) insensitively towards her daughter, leaving her daughter emotionally scarred as well as physically. After one of Veronica’s male friends begins to speak with the daughter regularly and accepts her for who she is he allows her some hope in being beautiful once again. However, the way in which she could reach her desire would mean committing an unspeakable crime that will haunt her forever! Click on the link for the full blurb. The review will be posted on 1st December, along with the Hashtag Books feature, as it is one of Hashtags first releases!

PastelsJingleBellsNow for some seasonal fun, we have our upcoming review of ‘Pastels and Jingle Bells’ a Heavenly Bites novella from Christine S. Feldman. This is the first novella in a series of sweet contemporary romances. After a surprise encounter with her childhood bully, Trish Ackerly decides for a little revenge, especially as he has no idea who she is. However, circumstances change and Trish begins to see another side to this man. Is she beginning to fall for him? It is beginning to look like he is all she wants for Christmas but if so, it’s going to be a little tricky trying to explain who she really is! Please click on the link for the full blurb and info. Our review will be posted on 1st December, for the start of advent!

LightpointsPeter Kassan’s ‘Lightpoints‘ is also going to be reviewed in the coming week or so. ‘Lightpoints’ is a sci-fi paranormal that mostly follows Amanda Lindner Nichols. After being revived from a near-death experience she notices that she is not quite as she used to be. Amanda can now see people’s life energies as lightpoints! And she later discovers  that she can give and take their energies. However, she is not the only one with this ‘magical’ quality and some of those that have it use it for evil purposes. After meeting with some other sensitives she tries to change her husband into becoming one with her. And it is at this point when the evil raises its ugly head in their direction!

Caroline’s current read is an unusual one for our blog with DJ and Comedian Hog Wild’s Baby, You’re as Sweet as 3.14159265 (101 Funny Love Advice Answers, 20 Sexy Stories, & Lots​ of Jokes) (ADULT comedy). Whilst we are aware that this will not be suitable for all of our followers, we also thought that it would add a bit of sauciness and fun for those that are interested or for those that would like to try a different genre. This book is written in the same style as a comedian would communicate his jokes on stage, with life experiences of his own and language in a very direct, sometimes crude, and in-yer-face manner. A full review will be posted in the coming weeks!

You can also check out Caroline’s recent, current and future reads here. Whilst many have been read and reviewed recently there are also some later books on there that will be reviewed shortly. Also on this list you will find the full burbs and links.

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