The launch of publishing house – Hashtag Books!!!! Plus 2 e-copy GIVEAWAYS of Demonica!

Hi guys, I am so pleased to announce that Hashtag Books are launching today, 1st December 2013. Hashtag Books is a new publishing company established by author Tim O’Rourke, Lynda O’Rourke and Peter Buckman (who sold the movie rights for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ amongst many other accolades spanning 50 years in the TV, Movie and publishing industry).

To kickstart their launch today they have three fantastic novels to release:-

Stilts (Tessa Dark Trilogy, #1) by Tim O’Rourke

(Please click on the title for our review)

‘Stilts’ – the first book in a new dystopian trilogy by #1 bestselling author Tim O’Rourke.

Stilts ResizedWhile eighteen-year-old, Tessa Dark was serving her prison sentence for murder, the world beyond her cell walls changed forever. The thunder came and destroyed the world she had once known. 

Trapped inside the prison and faced with no future, Tessa’s only glimmer of hope is her friendship with fellow inmate Joe McBride. 

Despite Tessa’s fear, Joe decides to go beyond the prison walls to seek help. But when he fails to return, Tessa is determined to go and search for him. 

To gain her freedom, Tessa must first learn to walk, run, and fight on stilts if she is to survive the new and terrifying world on the other side of the prison walls.

Stilts can be found on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Demonica by Will Davis

(Please click on the title for our review to enter our GIVEAWAY! We have 2 e-copies to giveaway – simply add your name in the comments below to enter. The winners will be randomly selected on FRIDAY 13TH DECEMBER 2013.)


When spoilt eighteen year old Miranda suffers a terrible accident she survives, but her face is hideously scarred.

Unable to bear what has happened to her, she locks herself away. Her only companions are Veronica, her cruel and beautiful mother, and Nelly, the sympathetic housekeeper.

As time passes Veronica inflicts cruelty after cruelty on her disfigured daughter. Lonely and filled with despair, Miranda is astonished when Bernard, Veronica’s handsome younger boyfriend, takes an interest in her circumstances.

For Bernard believes there is an operation that can restore Miranda’s face. But it will involve committing an unspeakable crime. A decision that will haunt her for the rest of her life…

In the tradition of Angela Carter and Daphne du Maurier, Demonica is a terrifying modern fairy tale.

Demonica is now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Gentleman_traitor_final_RESIZEDGentleman Traitor by Alan Williams


After years of exile in Russia, Kim Philby has had enough. He wants out. But where can he go? He knows too much to be let loose. Above all, he knows too much about his old accomplices who still operate at the highest levels of the British Establishment, occupying top Whitehall positions. So once he sticks his nose outside his privileged Soviet lair, the old wolf’s as good as dead. MI6, the KGB – above all, MI6 – will ruthlessly hunt him down. But Philby is, after all, one of the most skilful agents of all time. So he risks it.

Vicious power politics in London and Moscow… murder beside the Black Sea… bloody massacres in the heart of Africa – as Philby makes his break, violent death follows him. And British Intelligence is threatened with the exposure of the greatest infamy in its history…

Spy fiction from the same stable as Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

You can find my reviews of DEMONICA (WILL DAVIS) and STILTS (Tim O’Rourke) live on our blog and Gentleman Traitor (Alan Williams) will follow soon!

Don’t forget to enter our Demonica GIVEAWAY!

We wish Hashtag Books every success!!!

Caroline 🙂

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

4 thoughts on “The launch of publishing house – Hashtag Books!!!! Plus 2 e-copy GIVEAWAYS of Demonica!

  1. Kim O'Daniel says:

    wow hope to win. my name is kim O’daniel

  2. Kat Rich says:

    Hoping many happy successes on the new launch of ‘Publishing House-Hashtag Books’! I absolutely love this webpage. Never a disappointment from such wonderful master minds! I look very forward getting lost into the book Demonica! (Not sure if I have commented in the correct place for the book giveaway) but reguardless I am hooked into everything the O’Rouke’s have brought to life and if they are recommending the book Demonica-I’m sure no one will be disappointed.
    Best wishes & my humble honor to help support he New launch on Hashtag books & publishing, very excited for yall!!!

  3. Kat Rich says:

    Thanx Caroline! And Happy Holidays:)

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