Lightning Strike, by Beverly Ovalle

LightningStrike_MEDA Hot Little Number!

Erotic Fantasy Romance, for Adult Readers, circa 30 pages

If you have ever enjoyed or fantasized about the pleasures of lovemaking al fresco, this is the read for you! Lightning Strike is a short, hot read that just may short circuit your e-reader and put you in the mood for some serious lovin’. 🙂

Book Blurb: For generations Levi’s family had guarded a sacred glen in the mountains. Still  far from man this isolated area was a favorite spot of his grandfather. Levi  grew up listening to his tales and fell in love without ever having stepped foot there.

Now Levi’s family, led by his grandmother, wanted to sell the land. With only his grandfather and Levi against it, Levi has to prove to the  rest of the family why they needed to continue their guardianship. Believing in his grandfather’s tales despite himself, Levi went armed with his camera and his  well-known expertise behind the lens and headed out for proof.

Providing that proof and protecting the secrets of the glen from the world, Gaia needs to convince Levi to continue that protection. Daphnaie, the embodiment of his every dream, is sent to show him why, stealing his heart in the process to save her  world.

The tale opens with Levi attempting to capture the image of a flash of lighting generated by an unexpected storm in the glen. The lightning strikes a nearby tree, from which a figure falls. Levi immediately goes to give aid, his training from being an Army medic automatically kicking in. He finds a young, naked woman at the base of the tree. After making an emergency call, where he has no option but to leave a recorded message, he uses his experience to thouroughly check her over for injuries.

The young woman slowly awakens to his ministrations and  after a short time seems to wantonly invite him to explore her body more fully….  At first Levi is reluctant to do so, depite the attraction he has for her, fearing that she has been rendered confused by the fall. However, once she assures him that all is well and she knows her own mind, they embark on an erotic love fest, exploring and pleasuring each other most thoroughly. The author has certainly given her imagination free reign in the scenes which follow and what an imagination! It soon transpires that the girl, Daphnaie, a tree spirit, has been released from the laurel tree, in which Gaia, Mother Earth, had confined her, to persuade Levi to convince his family not to sell the sacred ground.

This is a short erotic read and as such there is little room for character and plot development. However, we do learn that Levi is a renowned photographer, seeking peace in capturing images of the natural world after his traumatic experiences in Iraq. Daphnaie is an incorrigable mix, whom I couldn’t help but admire for her bold and insatiable sexual appetite and imagination. She is made for loving and Levi is one lucky guy!

I enjoyed the tale and recommend it to readers who are in the mood for a short, hot and magical erotic read. To read our review of Beverly’s other book, Dragons’ Mate, a scorching dragon shifter seduction, an erotic romance/menage, click on the title.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of Lightning Strike was given to me by the author for the purpose of  a fair and honest review

Cover Artist: Dawne Dominique

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing     Amazon US      Amazon UK

Author Bio

Beverly Ovalle-001Beverly Ovalle lives in Wisconsin with her husband Edmond of 24 years and two Chinese Water Dragons. Having her own Dragons is expected as she is dragon crazy and anyone that walks in her house can tell. Her son Nicholas is in the US Marines.  Her daughter Susannah lives nearby and is a CNA.

Beverly has traveled around the world thanks to five years in the US Navy and has worked for the government in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. Beverly and her brothers have travelled most of the continental United States as children due to the station wagon from Hell.  Still active with veterans, she is adjutant for her local AMVETS.

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