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I am pleased to say that Mother Nature is stirring in our garden and despite a cold snap there are some definite signs of green shoots and bulbs poking their heads above the surface! Spring is on its way! Read on for a summary of what we have reviewed since our last update in our Review Round-Up. You can find out what we plan to read over the next few weeks in a separate post (click here).

Tina and Caroline 🙂

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ByForce_453X534[1]By Force, Forever Fae, #1, by Sara Hubbard – New Adult Fantasy Romance

The heroine Isame is captured by five warriors on a mission to deliver her to their king. Isame did not bank on falling in love with Remmie, one of her kidnappers, nor did she think that she was anything other than a regular girl. Remmie and the warriors start to question their loyalty to their ruler in this tale full of adventure, romance and magic. Reviewed by Tina

Rain, by Nicole Hurley-Moore – Fantasy/Medieval RomanceRain - Book Cover

One of my favourite reads so far this year. Two men, Maras an elemental being who follows the storms and a pious monk, Brother Erebus battle over the heart and soul of Nuri. Full of sensual love making scenes and escalating tension as the church regards her ‘Angel’ a Demon and Erebus aims to save her soul at great cost. Reviewed by Tina

Drake Equation CoverThe Drake Equation, by Heather Walsh – Contemporary Romance

Emily is a Democrat and Robert a Republican. When they meet sparks fly but they begin to fall hard for one another. Can their relationship survive political differences and the strains that modern lie wth its pressures of work and quest to maintain a separate identity puts on relationships? Reviewed by Caroline

Tour of Duty (When Riley Met Cara #2), by CJ Pinard – Contemporary/Military RomanceTour of Duty

Sweet, hot and sensual! Soldier Riley meets single parent and recently divorced Cara and wants to spent the summer in California with her. But what will happen when he returns to his base in Colarado and prepares for his tour in Afghanistan? Reviewed by Caroline

19547666Not Another Soldier, by Samantha Holt – sensual contemporary/military romance

Sienna has just buried her husband Rob, after he died in an accident, whom she was about to divorce. Rob’s best friend Nick has  been drawn to Sienna for years. How can he persuade her to have another relationship when Sienna wants to her independence and vows that she does not want another military man. Also how can Nick ensure that she is safe from the drug cartel Rob appears to have been involved with? Reviewed by Tina

Dark Reaper, #9 in the Westernwind series, by Charlotte Boyett-Compo – Dark Fantas17225903y

Full of badass werewolf cowboys, the author’s signature Reapers. Reaper Iden Belial is trying to protect the humans on Terra at Land’s End from harm, as the demon the Nikkeson lays waste to the land. At the same time he finds his mate Kalli and has to also battle her disapproving mother. Kalli and Iden are torn apart by treachery and the Nikkeson and the demon brings death and destruction to all in its wake and leaves a part of its evil inside Iden for its own evil end. Reviewed by Tina

19468668Summer in Rye (novella), by Lucy Oliver – Historical Romance

Left penniless after the death of her philandering father, Eva Brookwell takes a job as a governess at Rye Hall, an unhappy house with a tyrannical master and Eva is forced to turn to her pupils’ uncle, Samuel Shaw for help. Eva and Samuel had once been engaged, until his lies drove them apart. Still in love with him, Eva knows she could never trust him again; however he is her only ally in the dark and disturbed household she now lives in. Reviewed by Caroline

We also took part in a blog tour for Gillian Felix’s Banovic Siblings Friends and Liars, book #2 in her Family The+Banovic+Siblings+_+Friends+%26+Liars_2Portrait series, which expores the lives of the young, rich and famous on America’s West Coast.


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