You Might Just Get It (short story) by Julia Barrett

You Might Just Get ItShort, contemporary erotic romance (Recommended for readers 17rs+)

Book blurb: Kate has locked herself out of her new apartment building for the third time in a week. She’s on the stoop in the rain, barefoot, shivering and soaked to the skin. Her neighbour, Eric, arrives home in the nick of time and lets her in. That’s twice now he’s saved the day. When he invites her for a quick supper, how can she say no?
Eric has been waiting for an opportunity to get to know Kate. His kitchen window faces hers across the courtyard and he noticed her right away. How could he not, with her lovely halo of short curls and her beautiful smile? When he finds her stranded on the stoop, he gets to play the hero. When she agrees to his dinner invitation, he hopes he’ll get to play a lot more than that.

You Might Just Get It is a short, hot and fun contemporary read. It’s only 15 pages long and easily fits in-between some lengthier novels, making it refreshing and handy if you only have a few minutes to spare. Due to the content I would recommend it for readers of 17 yrs plus.

Although it doesn’t mention it in the blurb this book does cover age difference, as Kate is in her early forties and Eric in his twenties. I found this area of the story interesting as not too many authors explore these types of situations. Kate is an attractive, sexy woman who certainly is young at heart, and Eric likes a woman with experience and maturity. He quite possibly regards Kate as a challenge, to see if he can win her affections over. It is obvious that Eric is serious about Kate. Julia Barrett has written this well and made these characters believable.

However, some aspects were a little too convenient for my liking; the woman he liked happened to be the one he could help and she doesn’t take her time in getting to know him. Although for a short read, initially written as a Cougar story, it is understandable that the characters become intimate fairly quickly.

I am still unsure how I feel about Eric’s character. He’s a young guy that finds himself attracted to his neighbour. But as they share dinner together and it is revealed how he sees her through his window, it does seem a little creepy and stalker-ish! And then, as they become intimate, my feelings change again as he leaves you spellbound and totally into the story. With a few more pages to delve into the lives of Eric and Kate a little more, the reader would feel a little closer to the characters.

You Might Just Get It makes a great, few minutes read. It is hot, sensual and very physical throughout as well as being well written. Don’t let it get away!

You can find You Might Just Get It on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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