Hallows End, A Sarah Chase Novel, Part One of the Prophecy Trilogy, by Leo Craven

Thrilling and Addictive Dark Urban Fantasy! 


Leo Craven has a talent for original writing, which enters the realms of dark fantasy, horror, sci-fi and the paranormal. His eclectic works can be sampled on his website (scroll down to the section entitled ‘Connect with the Author’ for the link). Hallows End is his first novel, published in January. It is not only a Dark Urban Fantasy, with a kick -ass heroine and a fantastic cast of magical and paranormal creatures, but also contains a great deal of mystery and suspense, which links past events on Earth to the present in what I found to be an addictive and thrilling read!

Book Blurb

In the mysterious town of Hallows End, a vigilante police detective, Sarah Chase, finds herself immersed in a world where myth and legend are reality. As Sarah discovers the secrets of the town and its residents, she also learns of her family’s ties to an ancient prophecy that could soon determine the fate of all humans and ‘immortals’. A suspenseful thrill-ride that builds toward a shocking climax, the first book of the “Prophecy Trilogy” will leave the reader eagerly anticipating Sarah Chase’s next adventure.

My Review

Hallows End is a fabulous first instalment to Leo Craven’s Prophecy Trilogy. The heroine, Sarah Chase, a police detective, is aware of the existence of creatures such as werewolves and vampires and hunts these monsters down to prevent their wanton destruction of human life. Whilst in hot pursuit of a werewolf suspect, she is compelled to enter the mysterious town of Hallows End, where she finds that werewolves and vampires are just the tip of the iceberg. Sarah meets the enigmatic Dr Nemitz and makes the acquaintance of many other mysterious characters and she very soon realises that it is no accident that she was drawn to Hallows End.

An ancient prophecy is revealed to her and she learns that a great evil strives to enslave the human race. Sarah makes a number of startling discoveries, not least about her past and will have to decide where her loyalties lie. I will not reveal any more about the plot – suffice to say that it sucked me in completely!

Sarah is a strong heroine who can hold her own in a fight. She is physically and mentally fit and willing to face danger to achieve her goals. She is also  a modern, sexually liberated woman who knows how to satisfy her needs! It will be interesting to see how she will fare in subsequent instalments when faced with creatures imbued with great magic and evil. I am intrigued by her past and although we are given snippets of it throughout the novel, I am interested in learning more about what makes her tick in future instalments. We are introduced to a number of other characters as the plot progresses, some of them on the side of good, some who are allied with evil and others who have their own agendas. All of these characters are more than what they appear to be and play a key role in the tale. The novel becomes darker and more mysterious as it progresses as Sarah’s choices and the actions of others bear fruit and the extent of the evil that exists is revealed.

Although the focus of the tale is in the present day world, I loved how the author devoted whole chapters here and there to key events and characters in the past, notably those dealing with lord Artair, his part in the prophecy and his battles and those of his men, with evil. I also liked how the author referenced ancient myths, magic and legends in creating the world. The novel is a dark fantasy and there are bloody and violent scenes throughout. The scenes are vivid and well described and I could easily imagine them playing out in my head.

All in all Hallows End is a thrilling and entertaining read, which I found difficult to put down and I recommend it to lovers of Urban Fantasy and paranormal reads. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment!

Reviewed by Tina Williams

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