Cry Heaven Cry Hell… The Return of Miss Mary Weather by Deno Sandz

Cry Heaven Cry Hell... The Return of Miss Mary WeatherFrom the original novel in 2001: “Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare,” a sequel arises.  In a rural black community in the Deep South, there is a myth of a woman who is the most terrifying female creature ever unleashed in this world. Will’s battles with the evil woman continue from childhood to adulthood. The protagonist, Will defeats her: however his eldest son begins dreaming of the evil woman’s return.   +++Now, after many years of forgetfulness and the tragic death of Will Sr. and his wife, Miss Mary Weather has truly returned bringing perdition and no absolution with her to collect more souls and to finally destroy the bloodline of the one man who defeated her….making the world as we know it, “Cry Heaven, Cry Hell.”

Cry Heaven Cry Hell… The Return of Miss Mary Weather is a fast-paced horror with a paranormal element, focusing on a mythical female creature who intends to end the bloodline of Will’s family. In the process she also terminates anyone associated with Will, i.e. friends, care family, etc. Be afraid, guys, as Miss Mary Weather can appear at any time and can control all that is around her! Due to the horror scenes I would recommend this book for those aged 17 yrs+.

The reader is provided with a nice introduction of Will Jnr’s family life and background which enables the reader to visualise and relate to Will. Due to this explanatory introduction, as well as various mentions of the previous book throughout, The Return of Miss Mary Weather can be read as a stand alone. I, myself, haven’t read the first book, however, I usually do recommend this as it does provide the reader with even the smallest of details that could help the reader to relate with the characters and events.

Throughout the story there are many different scenes of horror that are well-described, graphic and, therefore, remain quite vivid in the reader’s mind. During some of these scenes the reader will recognise the fear of the victim. However, I felt that many of these scenes needed a little more build up and description to create more suspense to really allow the reader to feel the fear in a more dramatic, dark and touching way. At times, it did seem that the reader was leaving one scene of horror to another, without chance to cool down from the previous one. In doing this, the reader can feel a little confused and it can take a few moments to realise what is taking place.

My two favourite characters are Officer Franks and Will Senior. Officer Franks is a beat cop who usually finds himself attending the scenes where Will and/or his friends are being threatened. Although not visible to many, Officer Franks can actually see Miss Mary Weather and this side of the story left me intrigued as I was trying to figure out why he could. What was the connection?

I also enjoyed reading about Will Snr. After being killed in circumstances surrounding Miss Mary Weather, there are moments when Will Senior’s ghost appears to Will and his friend to warn them of the danger and who it involves. Although he had met a tragic ending, it appears that by doing so he actually was able to aid Will Jnr.

Although a little confusing at times, the whole story wraps up nicely at the end as all is explained. And I did enjoy the little twist at the end. I do like surprises when I read a fictional book and Deno Sandz certainly added that element here.

The language and style of writing of Cry Heaven Cry Hell… The Return of Miss Mary Weather makes it easy for the reader to follow and imagine. It is to the point and a quick read, written with great imagination from the author. The idea of some of the scenes are memorable and certainly stand out. However, I feel that overall it would benefit with some more editing/proofreading which could really make this novel more enjoyable and easier to read.

A copy of Cry Heaven Cry Hell… The Return of Miss Mary Weather was provided by the author, Deno Sandz, in return for an honest and fair review.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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