*BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY* ~Trial of Love, The Slave Bound Series #1, by Christina Ow

 Passionate and Spicy Page-Turning Regency!

We are SO pleased to welcome Christina Ow and her blog tour for her fantastic Regency Romance, Trial of Love, to our little corner of Cyber-Space. Scroll down to find out about the book, read my review and enter the author’s super giveaway!

Trial Of Love, a turbulent love story about a slave from America and the Earl who saved her from a fate worse than death. An ADULT read.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00015]Book Blurb

After her mother’s death, Melanie’s life in America is full of heartache. Still, she has never allowed herself to despair. She was responsible for the care of her beloved father. Then he remarried a woman too wicked to be considered a mother to Melanie or her two sisters. After years of abuse, the stepmother sells Melanie off – to work in a brothel, and about to be sold to the highest bidder. Through a series of fortuitous events, Melanie falls into the care of Christopher, Earl of Ashworth, who has family issues of her own. The solution to his problems—and redemption for Melanie—wind together toward destiny.

My Review

Passionate and Spicy Regency Romance! 18+ Read

WOW, what a page-turner! Trial of Love is a passionate, spicy and compulsive Regency Romance, which takes place on both sides of the Atlantic. It encapsulates ALL of the aspects I seek in an historical read: a strong heroine; a hero to die for; a credible and imaginative plot; plenty of drama and emotion and SMOKING HOT love-making scenes! Moreover, Christina Ow ’s writing is both fresh and vibrant and gifts the reader with a memorable emotional journey.

I found myself immediately rooting for the heroine Melanie. She is selfless and caring, particularly towards her siblings and has natural beauty inside and out. Melanie has a real zest for life, despite the abuse dished out to her at home by her drunken gambler father and her detestable stepmother and is determined to escape a future as a slave.

Christopher, Lord Ashworth, is an out and out Alpha male, who although drop dead gorgeous has a number of flaws arising from a troubled childhood. A man of strong passions, he uses women to satisfy his lusts and is determined to keep emotion at bay. He fears to trust, believing it will make him vulnerable and does not know how to deal with deeper emotions such as love.

Despite Christopher’s outlook, he is completely disarmed by Melanie, who is unexpectedly thrust into his life and the couple’s developing romance is expertly executed by the author. There is plenty of sexual tension, which culminate in some extremely sensual lovemaking scenes. However,  this is no straightforward love story. What starts off as a sweet and passionate romance morphs into one which contains some tempestuous scenes, violence, pain and heartbreak as mistrust rears its ugly head. A handful of scenes had me reaching for the tissues.

The supporting characters in the novel are very well drawn. Chistopher’s grandmother Nancy is a strong and fascinating character in her own right, as is Nicholas, Lord Townson, Christopher’s friend. The other main secondary characters include the servants, who really take Melanie to their hearts, and a man whose actions cast a shadow on the couple’s happiness. Christopher in particular has lessons to learn and he and Melanie have their own trials to bear as their enemy seeks to drive a wedge between them with heart-rending consequences. There are some dark themes, which involve violence to the heroine, on one occasion at the hands 0f the hero, but these scenes are not gratuitous and are important to the plot and character development. Indeed, the author deals sensitively with some very deep emotions.

I recommend this novel to lovers of Regency Romances, who like a spicy and emotional read. I am VERY much looking forward to other reads in this series, including the prequel, Lady Nancy and A Lady Unbecoming, which sees Nicholas, the Earl of Townson, Christopher’s friend, getting his own story.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for fair and honest review.

Trial of Love published by Secondwind Publishing

Cover design by Stacy Castanedo

Read an Excerpt

Hallo again,” Carl whispered, pressing her tight against him.
Melanie felt her body go cold at his touch. Quickly she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away. Nicholas grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him. “What have you done to the lady, Mr. Meed?” He asked harshly.
Carl gave a slight bow, “Nothing Lord Townson.”
“It didn’t look like nothing,” Nancy pushed standing up and moving to Melanie. “Dove, you look pale. What’s the matter?”
Melanie pulled a tight smile over her lips and shook her head, “Forgive me. He took me by surprise and I reacted.”
“See, it was all a misunderstanding.” Carl spoke with a casual laugh.
Nancy nodded, moving back to her seat.
Carl moved towards them and Melanie fought the urge to hide further behind Nicholas. He held out his hand, eyeing her. “May I have this dance?”
She wanted to yell ‘go to hell’ and run out, but, she wasn’t that uneducated girl anymore. She was supposed to either politely decline and make up an excuse or accept.
“You can have the next one Carl,” Nicholas spoke firmly, taking Melanie’s hand and starting the dance. “What did he really do to you Melanie?”
He bought me!

About the Author

Christina OW writes suspense, thrillers, erotica, interracial and multicultural romance books. She is the author of Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency Romance books and a poet of currently 3 titles. She loves reading novels that take her on a ride of wild emotions. Books have always been an escape for her, for a few hours she gets to live the lives of characters she grows to cherish and admire. She’s always had an active imagination and because of it has lived in her head more than she has been in the outside world. She always imagined scenarios and wondered how they would turn out in the end, and what kind of emotions they would invoke. Thus began her writing career.

Questions to the Author

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
My love for reading novels started a very long time, about when I was 10 or 11. I was in awe of how a person’s imagination could just take form and fill up pages. I loved the fact that I would read the words and watch it play out in my mind. Some of the books became way more interesting than watching TV!
I’m a person who lives in her head more than the outside world because off all the stories in my head. So I figured maybe I should put down all the stories I had in my head on paper, and share them, see if everyone else loved them as much as I did.

What about historical/regency romance?
I wasn’t much of a fan because the books I’d read so far the characters just seemed stuffy and annoying. But then I found several books published by Second Wind Publishing and I was hooked!  Their books were more than just trying to be historically accurate, they had everything and they seemed to come alive through the words and I couldn’t stop reading them. I’m a huge Regency fan now.

Do you have a favorite and a least favorite scene in the book?
Yes, I do have a favorite scene and a scene that I didn’t like writing but was necessary in the book. A person’s character is built buy the positive and negative things in their lives and the same goes for books.

Is TOL apart of the series? How many books are in the series?
Yes, Trial of Love is apart of the series and the first book. So far, there are 3 books in the series, TOL, A Lady Unbecoming and Lady Nancy.
I’m still playing with the idea of adding more books about some of the supporting characters in TOL. I’ll see how these 3 books go first then take it from there.

Any more new releases for 2014 from you?
Yes. His Paris Affair (Albury Affairs #3) will be out in late June and I’m expecting Book #2 of the Slave Bound series A Lady Unbecoming to be released later on this year.

Contact the Author:



Facebook page- Christina OW

Twitter- @Christina_OW

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Blog- Read Me .

See you in the pages of Trial Of Love!

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