**GIVEAWAY x8** Crime thriller ‘STUNNER (A Ronnie Lake Mystery)’ by Niki Danforth

Only 2 days left to enter our fantastic giveaway!! We have 3x SIGNED Paperbacks and 5x Kindle editions of former TV Producer Niki Danforth’s ‘STUNNER (A Ronnie Drake Mystery #1)’!! Please read on for the blurb, author info and giveaway info! Good luck in advance, Caroline & Tina 🙂


STUNNER, Niki Danforth - CoverWe are very excited to host this FANTASTIC 8x (yes, 8x!) GIVEAWAY of Niki Danforth’s crime thriller, ‘Stunner (A Ronnie Lake Mystery #1)’!!! We have 3 signed paperbacks up for grabs, as well as 5x Kindle editions. For more info on the giveaway please read on 🙂



Beautiful. Bright. And possibly deadly…

That’s all Ronnie Lake knows about her soon to be sister-in-law, Juliana. But Ronnie is determined to find out the truth about her wealthy brother’s new lover—before he throws away his happiness, his fortune…maybe even his life. Who is this mysterious woman, and where did she come from? What is she hiding? And how deep could the deception go?

First the family receives strange phone calls. Then a disturbing package appears at their estate outside New York City. Ronnie—a divorced, downsized, 50-something—seems an unlikely detective. But she soon finds she’s got an instinct for this…

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