COVER REVEAL ~ **LOVE AT THE END OF DAYS** ~ by Tera Shanley (includes super giveaway)

Romance with Zombies!!!

Check out this zombie-riffic cover for Tera Shanley’s Love At The End of Days!

Congrats to author Tera Shanley for such an awesome book and cover – I mean JUST LOOK AT IT! We are planning on making the coming weeks extra fun in the run up to Halloween by joining with Tera and her friends to celebrate zombies and all things dark! Scroll on down to find out more about Tera’s book and further fun and frolicks. You can also click to enter the Goodreads giveaway to win a copy of Love at the End of Days PLUS comment on this blog post for a chance to win an e- copy of the previous instalment, Love In The Time of The Dead. Good luck! Tina and Caroline ❤



Love At The End of Days


Release Date: October 14th, 2014

Book Blurb

Romance and zombies collide in the riveting sequel to Love in the Time of the Dead. Year four into the Dead outbreak that ended the world and Vanessa Summers has been so burned by love, she swears she will never trust a man again. But Sean Daniels, guard leader of Dead Run River, isn’t just any man. When past lovers return to the colony, things get complicated. Desperate to rid herself of the heartache, Vanessa signs up for a supply run that will test her mettle as a guard in training. Sean volunteers to lead her team, and his hungry looks say it’s more personal than professional. Danger comes from all sides as they scavenge Dead infested cities, and as her attraction for Sean deepens, Vanessa finds her head and heart at war with each other. He clouds her judgment, and any misstep could spell disaster outside of the safety of colony gates. A race back to Dead Run River could save a team mate’s life, but trouble has been brewing back home. Laney Landry, the woman who broke Sean’s heart, is in trouble, and Vanessa must decide whether to take back the Denver colony beside the man she’s falling in love with, or bow out of an attraction that terrifies her.

Weathering Dead hybrids, betrayals, battles, jealousy, and soul consuming love, Vanessa must find her place in the team she’s found. And if she can, she might just master survival at the end of days.

Connect with the Author

Further Zombie Themed Fun and Frolicks!

Don’t forget October 14th (release day), when you can join a Twitter Party, with lots of fun and prizes. Follow #OmniZombies on October 14th!

To win a copy of Tera’s book enter on Goodreads (US and Canada only): Goodreads link:

To win a copy of Book One, Love In The Time of The Dead through us at A Reader’s Review Blog all you need to do is comment on this blog post with your name and email address by midnight GMT on October 5th. The winner will be selected at random and the book will be dispatched by OMNIFIC PUBLISHING after we have informed them of the winner. ❤


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2 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL ~ **LOVE AT THE END OF DAYS** ~ by Tera Shanley (includes super giveaway)

  1. terashanley says:

    Eee, thank you so much for hosting the cover reveal today 😀

  2. It’s a pleasure. 🙂

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