Review of *THE PRINCE’S EX* by Nadene Seiters

Fun, Flirty and Entertaining!

Book Blurb

22041506Amelia Radley thought she had it all when she met a man in a bar and he ended up being royalty. Their love affair was anything but boring, and yet he dumped her almost exactly a year after asking her out to their first dinner date. While the wound was deep and fresh thirty days after their separation, she picked up the morning paper only to see that the man she thought she loved had already become engaged to another woman.

Her best friend, Tina, suggests the only thing she knows would make her feel better. Amelia should start dating any man she meets that she likes so that she can get over her ex. The idea is ludicrous, and yet Amelia agrees to a date with a man she has never met before. All the while, she considers herself nothing more than the prince’s ex, a woman who could not hold the affections of every woman’s dream.

When she finds love in an unexpected place, it’s challenged by the past and the future looks rocky. Amelia’s insecurities might get in the way of her finding true love, in more ways than one.

My Review

Fun, Flirty and Entertaining!

The Prince’s Ex is a fun and flirty read which also examines the deeper side of relationships and shows that love can often be found in the most unlikeliest of places!

The heroine Amelia, is in tatters after the news that her ex, (a prince who dumped her a mere month ago) has become engaged hits the media. Amelia’s BFF, Tina, persuades a reluctant Amelia that she needs to embark on some fun and carefree dates with other men to expunge her ex from her memory. What follows is a hilarious tale of Amelia’s attempts at dating!

Her first date, with a dentist called Ryan, seems to be going well until it turns out that his liking for a bit of slap and tickle strays into the realm of S & M, which sees Amelia running a mile before Ryan’s paddle sees any action! Turned off by the whole experience Amelia strikes up a friendship with Peter, the barista at the coffee bar where she and Tina get together on a daily basis.

After a promising romance with the big boss at the firm where Amelia used to work falls flat, Amelia questions what she is doing with her life. It also turns out that what started off as a friendship with Peter has developed into more……… Yet Peter is not the type of guy Amelia is used to dating and he has a secret past which he only divulges to her as they become closer. Although their relationship is passionate and loving, up until now Amelia has only had her own needs to accommodate and she has to decide if she is willing to put the needs of others on a level footing and sometimes above her own. The novel has a number of twists and turns and surprises from Peter’s past before their HEA is in reach.

I really enjoyed this novel. What started off as a fun and sexy read soon became a lot deeper. I adored Peter, who is one helluva character – a good looking, dependable, sexy guy, who has his own insecurities and who becomes a good friend and lover to Amelia. He has had a lot to deal with in his life and I prayed that Amelia would be strong enough to work through things with him. For me the inner journey that Amelia undertakes is at the centre of the novel. At first she comes across as little shallow and selfish – traits which at one point she acknowledges in herself. However, she begins to mature in her outlook and considers others a lot more. I certainly liked her a lot more at the end and thought that she and Peter made a lovely couple.

I suspect that Amelia’s friend Tina has her own secrets and backstory which has made her the female Lothario she appears to be! I am interested in finding out more about her character in the author’s forthcoming novel Adonis’ Kiss, where she is the heroine. I also hope we will get to see little more of Amelia and Peter in it too and maybe even Ryan, who piqued my interest!

A copy of this novel was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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