Zombie Takeover *Guest Post by Author Tera Shanley* ~ includes giveaway!

Ghostly Goodness!

A big welcome to Tera Shanley who wants to find out about what your fave ghost movie is. Tera has a fair few suggestions of her own but is VERY interested in what you think. and has set up a poll to find out. I haven’t managed to get the voting buttons to work yet, but while I’m trying to put this to rights do tell us your favourite in the comments.

You can also enter the giveaway to win $5 Amazon Gift Card, Ebooks: Seven for a Secret by Rumer Haven, Grave Refrain by Sarah Glover, and Love In The Time of The Dead by Tera Shanley.  Good luck! Tina and Caroline 🙂

Zombie Baner

Poll: Best Ghost Movie

Hello, hello! In preparation for Halloween and the release of book two in the Dead Rapture saga, Love at the End of Days, this week’s theme is Ghosty Goodness.  Every October, I have a list of the same movies I like to watch before Halloween. It’s become a tradition for my family. I’ve included my favorite ghost movie in the poll, but I’m a curious little zombie. What’s your favorite?

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23157764-love-at-the-end-of-days


What is your favorite ghost movie?




The Others

The Sixth Sense

Paranormal Activity


The Ring

The Grudge

Silent Hill

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2 thoughts on “Zombie Takeover *Guest Post by Author Tera Shanley* ~ includes giveaway!

  1. Leo Craven says:

    That’s a tough choice; I’ll go with ” Sixth Sense”

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