Zombie Takeover *Guest Post by Author Tera Shanley* ~ includes giveaway!

Another big welcome to author Tera Shanley who has once again popped in to share some Zombilicious info with us as part of her month long Zombie Takeover to celebrate the release of Love at the End of Days. This week Tera tells us all about what the heroine Vanessa Summers keeps in her bag to keep the Deads at bay! Don’t forget to check out the super duper giveaway link at the end of the post where some fabulous prizes are up for grabs. Tina 🙂


Vanessa’s Bug-Out Bag Essentials

Every good Dead hunter understands the importance of a well-equipped bug-out bag. One that stays packed and can be grabbed at a moment’s notice. A backpack that contains anything the survivor would need in a pinch. Through Love at the End of Days, Vanessa Summers is learning how to take her life back from her fear of Deads by going through rigorous guard training.  Here is a peek inside the bag that goes everywhere with her.

Extra throwing knives – Her weapon of choice is knives and she’s put in the time and practice to perfect her craft. It’s essential she not run out of blades while on the run, so if she’d running low, she has spares in her bag.

Canteen with iodine tablets – Water is important. Clean water is a must.

Tarp and rope – For a quick and easy shelter, tie the rope between two trees, drape the tarp over and anchor the edges with rocks.

Protein bars – Food is imperative for energy to escape the hordes. Protein is a must and these are easy to eat on the go.

First aid kit – for injuries less lethal than Dead bites.

Spark starter – for making fire.

Dry socks – need at least two extra pairs. If your feet go, you’re a Dead snack.

Fishing line and flies – these can be stored in a Tic-Tac case.

A tree harness – in case you are treed by Deads, you don’t want to fall asleep in a tree without some safety precautions.

Flashlight – it’s dark out there with no electricity. Step carefully.

Small ax – doubles as weapon and for cutting/chopping.

Compass – don’t get lost.

Laminated maps – following soggy, smudged maps is a dangerous game.

Small shovel

Bug spray

Soap/hand sanitizer

Multi tool – I use one of these all the time and it’s not even the zombie apocalypse.

Pistachio shells – provides a clean slow burning tinder for starting fires.

Pancho – stay dry, stay alive.

Leather palm gloves –protect those hands, survivors!

What about you? Do you have anything else you would add to Vanessa’s bug-out bag?


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