**REVIEW** ~ The Erotic Adventures of Belinda, #1 The New Governess and #2 Awakening. by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

Gothic Erotica to Delight and Entertain the Senses! 


The partnership between Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross has produced a top notch quality erotica in their publication of The Erotic Adventures of Belinda. The series is a fantastic foray into the world of an innocent who quickly succumbs to the temptations on offer at the infamous and allegedly haunted Ravenscrest Manor and her own burgeoning carnal desires.

The New Governess


Book Blurb

When Belinda Moorland leaves her old life behind to become the new governess to a wealthy businessman’s children, she finds herself in a dazzling – and allegedly haunted – house called Ravencrest Manor. Her beautiful new home comes with an assortment of unusual staff members, including a handsome English butler surrounded by secrets, an icy power-mad housekeeper with a chip on her shoulder and a whip in her hand, and – most attractive of all to Belinda – her mysterious new employer, Mr. Eric Manning.

After just one night in Ravencrest, Belinda realizes that the staff, as strange they are, have nothing on the other residents of the house – the ones who only come out at night… the ones who enter and dictate her dreams, twisting them into dark, carnal visions of her deepest desires… and her greatest fears.

The erotic adventures of Belinda have begun…

My Review

Sinfully Seductive Gothic Erotica

I absolutely LOVED the first instalment of Belinda’s erotic adventures!  The heroine is a delightfully innocent ingenue whose exploration of her physical senses begins soon after she enters the mysterious Ravencrest Manor and encounters its occupants. The dream sequences were expertly crafted, transporting the reader and Belinda back to another time, where erotic fantasies and dark desires are played out in a wonderfully evocative fashion. It is clear from the outset that Belinda risks losing her innocence, but will she remain of sane mind?

The other characters also piqued my interest, particularly the butler Grant and Eric, Belinda’s mysterious and handsome employer, to whom she is very attracted. I was fascinated and yet repelled at the same time by the controlling and abrasive housekeeper, Mrs Heller, who comes across as rather sinister. There are also other occupants of the manor who come out to play at night and who direct their attentions to the manor’s new employee…

The dialogue is often playful and the characters are engaging with tantalising hints here and here of what lies beneath the surface. This gothic inspired read contains beautifully descriptive scenes of the luxurious and sinfully seductive interior of the manor. The erotic scenes are extremely well written and balanced with the introduction of the main characters and the plot, which left me itching to read the next instalment. A fantastic read for lovers of erotica.


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 Book Blurb

In The New Governess, Belinda Moorland became governess to the children of handsome and mysterious millionaire, Eric Manning. She met several interesting employees at Ravencrest Manor, including the mischievous butler, Grant, and the frightening house administrator, Mrs. Heller. During her first night, Belinda was also greeted – and groped – by other inhabitants of the house; ones who are more phantom than flesh.

Now, in Awakening, we find out more about Grant Phister, the wicked Mrs. Heller, and some of the other inhabitants of the house, both living and dead. There are more secrets than ever waiting within the walls of Ravencrest, but Belinda has one final requirement to meet before she can get down to work: She must pass her physical examination – and it will prove to be far more intimate than anything in her wildest dreams – or her darkest nightmares. Will she get through her first day at Ravencrest intact?

The erotic adventures of Belinda continue…

My Review

A Thoroughly Wicked Medical Examination

In Awakening, Belinda needs to pass her physical examination before she can begin her new post as governess at Ravenscrest.  Mrs Heller, the housekeeper, takes a special interest in this and instructs Dr Akin to ensure that Belinda undergoes the most thorough of medical procedures. Thus Belinda and the reader are treated to a wickedly delicious erotic episode in the doctor’s office, which made my toes curl and had me cringing at the same time!

Dr Akin is a handsome fellow who likes to take control and Belinda plays her role of obedient patient very well indeed, discovering new and surprising things about herself and her body. I liked how Belinda, even when shocked and surprised at what is expected of her, goes along with these experiences and it makes me wonder what is in store in the next instalment…… There are certainly some strange individuals and goings on at the manor and I get the feeling that Belinda is in for quite a ride!

All in all I adored this addition to the series which I recommend to erotica lovers.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Copies of  The New Governess and Awakening were given to me for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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