*REVIEW* ~ Invasion Earth (Delroi Connection #1), by Loribelle Hunt

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance (18+ read)

Book Blurb

7124371 (2) In the distant future, Earth has been ravaged by war and famine, and after generations of bloodshed settles into peace only to be invaded by the alien Delroi. General Alrik Torfa needs a mate and his seers promise mates for many of his people on the distant planet Earth. He doesn’t expect her to come easily, but is more than a little surprised to find her leading an enemy army. Outmanned and outgunned, there is no way the Earth forces can win.Sergeant Major Laney Bradford has always played her part and served her people well, but the demands of the Delroi’s surrender are a bit extreme. Marriage? To one of them? Not likely. But she’s fought for peace her entire life and when surrender talks are threatened by a conspiracy led by her people, Laney must choose. Will she submit to the alien invader or lead the fight against him?

My Review

Enemies to Lovers (18+ Read)

Oh how I do love to indulge myself from time to time with an erotic sci-fi romance! Gone are the bad old days when I had to scour the bookshops for a read containing anything more than just a hint of sexual tension between the hero and a heroine (often a secondary character). Now we are spoilt with a host of erotic sci-fi romances, where the action is often centred on the emotions and physical attraction between the hero and heroine.

In Invasion Earth, book 1 of the Delroi Connection series, the heroine Sergeant Major Laney is a seasoned fighter. Both sides strive to negotiate a peace treaty. But when the alien Delroi commander General Alrik claps eyes on her he immediately realises that she is his mate. The price of the peace soon becomes dependent on Laney becoming his bride…… Women are dying out in their society and for their race to survive unions with earth women are essential.

Laney is horrified at this development and feels that her commanders have sold her out. She despises this handsome alien. However, despite her strong mind Alrik is able to plant sinful thoughts in her head….. A succession of smoking hot erotic scenes result, where Laney submits to a very dominant male.

Alrik is constantly shocked and surprised by this woman who has the reputation of being a ruthless killer of innocents amongst his people. Delroi women are not permitted to be warlike, in a society where it is the men who are dominant and the women who serve. I enjoyed the fact that Laney challenges the preconceptions of his race.

The plot has an element of suspense as treachery is afoot. Will Laney betray Alrik and the peace or does her connection to him extend beyond sinful thoughts? There are also a number of other fascinating characters we are introduced to in the plot, who feature in future novellas.

This is a short (136 pages) read which will appeal to readers who love an erotic sci-fi romance.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

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