**BOOK BLITZ** for Shannon (Angelis Vampire Series #1), by Shane North (includes Author Interview)

Introducing an Exciting New Paranormal Romance Series!

Today we are honoured to welcome author Shane North to our blog. Shane has recently released his first novel, Shannon, book 1 in the Angelis Vampire Series, a paranormal romance. Scroll down to read the book blurb and an extract for what promises to be a magical and fast paced read with a heroine who finds romance in pursuit of her destiny.

Shane has also very kindly taken some time out from his busy schedule to tell us a little about himself and his work and share some of his experiences of being a writer. The transcript from this interview follows the book blurb and extract. I hope that you enjoy reading Shane’s thoughts as much as I did. Tina 🙂



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Book Blurb

Shannon’s life is happy except for her nightmares, but when she watches her mom and dad being murdered by the monsters in her dreams, her life falls apart. Her best friend turns out to be a werewolf, the man she thinks of as her other father is the alpha male, and her long lost uncle is a vampire lord from Angelis. Angelis is in another time dimension, a world ruled by Royals, a pureblooded line of vampires with powers never seen in this time dimension. Angelis is a medieval world of castles, and ancient magic that her mother and uncle were forced to leave to save their lives. Shannon’s journey leads her to follow her destiny and meet the love of her life. Destiny and her uncle lead her to find out what she really is, where she came from, and to become the strongest immortal to live. Shannon learns to kill quickly, and to love like there’s no tomorrow when she meets her mate from her dreams. Simon, an eight-hundred year old Viking has searched the world for his true love when he meets Shannon. What will Shannon’s uncle, Simon’s maker, have to say about this? A young woman from South beach, destined to overthrow the vampire council and rule the immortal race with the help of the ancient Shaman Neeb.


The best part of my life was when I dreamed of my Simon. Simon was a figment of my imagination. He was my sidekick, my lover, and fought beside me to help me defeat my demons. In my dream tonight, I saw his handsome face and my eyes opened wide. I loved Simon, I’m not sure how or why. He was my life in this strange world of immortals I dreamed about almost every night. I was wearing a white flowing gown. Simon, in his black leathers, looked sexy. “Simon, there you are, finally.” He pulled me close… his scent was fresh as an ocean breeze… his kiss melting my pain away. My red lips were moist from his kiss. I licked them slowly, to taste his essence “Shannon, you are so beautiful. I want you!” Simon slid his hand inside my gown; a small moan slipped from my lips.

Author Interview

1. Hi Shane. Thank you for being with us today. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks Tina.

I have always wanted to write. I waited until I was retired to start my first book. I’ve been with my life mate and my best friend for over thirty years. We met in college and became best friends. We have four children and eight grandchildren. The grandkids are amazing and they go home when we are done spoiling them. I love the night and paranormal has always been one of my passions. I love to hear that bump in the night. 

2. Please tell us about Shannon, your new release and what inspired you to write it?

Shannon is about a young South Beach girl who has a very happy life, except for her nightmares. She dreams of a violent war with vampires and werewolves. In her dreams she is leading the attack! Her constant companion in these dreams is a handsome man who she falls in love with. Her happy life ends when her step parents are brutally murdered and she finds out what she truly is. Her best friend Caitlyn and her father Keegan are werewolves. Her uncle, Damon, which she had never met is the vampire lord of Europe. And as for the man in her dreams, his name is Simon, Damon’s second in command. Her saving grace in the this immortal world is that during the time she worked for Navy Intel, she became very good at killing. My inspiration for Shannon was my oldest granddaughter and our talks while she grew up. The highs and lows of becoming eighteen, her feelings of confusion, and her determination to get it right.  

3. Why do you think that you chose the paranormal romance genre in which to make your writing debut?

My love of paranormal and I love a good love story made the choice easy. I love happy endings and the fight to have them. The beauty of the paranormal world was perfect and the possibilities are endless. 

4. How much research did you have to carry out for this book? What sort of research did you carry out prior to and during the writing?

I did very little research for this book. My locations, addresses, and such needed to be correct. As for the writing, I closed my eyes and became my story. I hope I did it well. This first part of Shannon’s journey was important. She had to grow as her story unfolds. 

5. What is your writing process like? To what extent do you plan and how much do you just let the words flow?

Interesting question Tina. My process is mass chaos. I have so many thoughts racing through my head at one time. I have two more of Shannon’s books that I’m writing at the same time. My actual writing process is listening to music, eyes closed, and I try to visualize the scene and feel those involved. I hope it comes out with feelings and not just words.

6. What about the personalities of your characters – are they always fixed in your head before you start writing or do they develop a will of their own?

I like my characters to grow and develop with the story. I try to imagine my characters before I introduce them, but for me, they like to surprise me as the story unfolds. 

7. What is the best thing about being an author? What do you find the most challenging?

The best thing is being able to write from any location. Home is great, but drifting along on Lake Erie on a sunny day isn’t bad either. For me, the most challenging part of this whole process was trying to learn everything that was needed to make this happen. My friend, Ally Thomas, worked very hard to make the process as easy as possible. 

8. What type of books do you like to read? Have you any favorite authors?

My favorite books are paranormal romance. No one loves the way an immortal does. That being said, I read everything. I love the imagination that happens to someone when they write. I never give bad reviews to anyone, I don’t believe in it. That’s something that is too subjective to be honest about. Why destroy someones book because you had a bad day?

9. Can you tell us about what you are working on at the moment?

I’m working on Shannon’s next two books. Shannon has some growing up to do and she needs to get her revenge. I hear that Damon thinks she’ll be queen of the immortal race? 

10. Have you any advice to give to aspiring authors?

Don’t wait as long as I did. If you feel it, close your eyes and write it down. Fulfill your dream and write. There are any places to get help. 

11. And finally, have you a message for readers?

My message would be to love harder, find peace in your life, and never give up on your dreams because anything is possible if you believe.

Shane, many thanks for answering these questions for us. We wish you best of luck with Shannon, which I am looking forward to reading and reviewing very soon. Tina 🙂

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