**REVIEW** ~ Long Gone Girl, by Amy Rose Bennett

Hot Vintage Read *****

Erotic Romance/18+

Book Blurb

23249978After returning home from the Korean War a widow, former MASH surgical nurse, Ginny Williams, heads to the Jersey Shore for a weekend of much needed R&R. But her plans to do nothing more than relax on the beach go seriously awry when the boy who broke her heart on Prom night nine years ago—the now hotter-than-hot ‘fly-boy’ Jett Kelly—shows up on her patch of sand. To make matters worse, Captain Kelly seems to be on a mission to win her trust, and maybe even her heart again. But the last thing Ginny wants is a man—especially one like Jett—in her life. She’s a career nurse now, and that’s that. If only Jett wasn’t so damned charming and attractive…

US air force pilot, Captain Jefferson ‘Jett’ Kelly Junior is blown away to have stumbled across the beautiful yet shy and bookish girl he used to have a huge crush on in high school—especially now that Ginny is all grown up and sexy as hell. Problem is, she’s also not backward in coming forward when letting him know she hasn’t forgiven him for the Prom-kiss-gone-wrong incident. Even though Jett knows he’ll have his work cut out for him to get a second chance with her, he’s definitely going to give it his best shot…

Despite Ginny’s determination to keep her head—she’s certainly not the naïve girl she used to be—when Jett starts to unashamedly woo her, she soon realizes that maybe her heart didn’t get the memo… (less)

 My Review

Erotic Romance 88 pages

Sparkling Vintage Romance

Long Gone Girl is an erotic vintage read that fizzes and hits the spot like classic champagne! It is the second book that I have read by Amy-Rose Bennett (my first, Lady Beauchamp’s Proposal, an erotic Regency noir is on my list of top reads for 2014, which I’m currently pulling together).

It takes place in America in 1953, after the Korean war and is the sweet, sassy and sexy story of a second chance at love between a young widowed nurse and a pilot. Jett was every young girl’s dream at high school and Virginia (Ginny), a shy an bookish young miss, fell hard for him only to be humiliated most publically . Yet Jett has not stopped thinking about Ginny and when their paths converge one weekend at the beach he is once again bowled over by her and vows to make her his.

What follows is a delightfully light hearted erotic romance which heats up the pages. Ginny has grown a lot in confidence since her schooldays yet Jett can still make her blush like a schoolgirl. She is shocked to find that she is still attracted to this man who she views as a player, and trusts him not one inch! However, she reluctantly agrees to spend the day with him. After  the death of her husband and the ravages of war she needs to relax more, right? Also what harm can a little fun do especially as she is planning to once again leave her home town to pursue her nursing career?

I loved how determined Jett is not to let Ginny slip though his fingers. He turns on the charm big time to win her trust and her heart, embaking on a seduction plan which aims to break down Ginny’s defences. Yet after their time together how can he convince her that he is playing for keeps?

I found Long Gone Girl to be a fun, feel good read. The dialogue between the couple is sparkling and wtty and they are well suited. The lovemaking scenes (which would make my mother blush) are nor just hot but downright HOT as Jett uses every available weapon in his arsenal to ensure that Ginny does not forget him.

Strongly recommended for romance fans who like a scorching read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for a fair and honest review.

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