**REVIEW** ~ Falling Dragons (Moon Shadows Series), by Angela Castle

A Fun and Sassy Erotic Paranormal Romance

18+/adult read


Angela Castle’s latest addition to her Moon Shadows series, Falling Dragons , is now available on  Amazon and Whiskey Creek Press!


Book Blurb

Drugged and running for her life, Dragon Princess, Ophelia, jumps off a rooftop to escape her captors.

Immortal Demon Hunter Simon, is shocked when he catches a falling, redheaded woman. His surprise is short-lived when he faces not only a vicious demon, but those hunting his newly acquired redhead.

In desperate need of protection, and knowing he is her mate, Opie spell-tethers the sexy Demon Hunter to her, not realizing he’s a seventeen-hundred-year-old dragon slayer.

The sexual chemistry explodes between them as they fight each other, in and out of the bedroom. Together, they must battle an evil enemy set on unleashing a soul-sucking demon army into the world, threatening to destroy everything they hold close to their hearts.

My Review

Fun and Sassy *****

Erotic Paranormal Romance – 18+/adult read

Falling Dragons, the third book in the Moon Shadows series, is the second book that I have read by Angela Castle (the first being Abducting Alice) and once again I hugely enjoyed it! The novel features one sassy dragon shifter and one hot immortal Demon Hunter who is compelled to save her and make her his. It works perfectly well as a standalone and made me itch to read the other books in the series.

The book is set in modern day London where an evil and misguided human Joshua Jones, aided by demons, is acquiring supernatural creatures and keeping them captive for his own nefarious ends. The scene where the hero and heroine first meet pulled me in to the narrative straightaway. Their instant mutual attraction is darn HOT: Opie and her dragon instantly recognise Simon as their mate and Simon is attracted to her like no other before….

The book, which contains a variety of supporting characters, including demons, gods and other supernatural creatures, is a super read from beginning to end. Ophelia is a fab heroine. She is not afraid to say exactly what she thinks to Simon or anyone else and I adored the humorous interplay between Opie, her dragon and Simon as well as the other characters.

I loved Simon, a real hottie who has been deceived in the past and regrets some of the choices he has made in his long life as an immortal. Indeed, one of his past actions he is very afraid to share with Opie. Opie too has a past that she is would rather forget, but secrets have a habit of revealing themselves.

The dialogue between Simon and Opie sparkles and their lovemaking scenes sizzle as they compete for dominance! As fated mates they are perfectly matched and Simon will go to any lengths to protect her from harm. However, both fear that the secrets they are concealing may compromise the feelings that they are developing for one another. Also with the battle between good and evil in full force will they survive the threat against them and humanity before they can even contemplate a HEA?

I found the overarching plot fun, fast moving and full of magic, intrigue and adventure with plenty of ass-kicking by the hero and heroine alike. If you love the novels of Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter then you will equally enjoy Angela Castle’s characters and plots.

Recommended to lovers of paranormal romance who like a scorching read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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