**REVIEW** ~ Plea from A Stranger, by Derek A Barrass

 Thriller with Paranormal Elements

 Chilling and Page Turning

Book Blurb


A young woman’s casual visit to a garage accompanied by her young daughter; becomes her worst imaginable nightmare when the owner tricks her and locks them in his basement. June, who was once a nude model for lad’s magazines, is the dream-girl he believes has been sent by fate to be his. He is a psychopath who has killed his wife and the man she left him for. He also hides other crimes from his past which he believes he was entitled to do if anyone crossed him.


A Chilling and Page Turning Read (Thriller with Paranormal Elements)  *****

This is the second book that I have read by Derek A Barrass, the first (which I also enjoyed immensely) being Your Cottage Awaits. A Plea from A Stranger is a chilling and page turning read. In it we enter the world of Joe, a deranged psychopath who decides on a whim to take a young woman captive to fulfil his desires. At first she seems unaware of her plight yet as realisation dawns on her, she concludes how difficult escape will be. She needs to play along sufficiently to protect herself and her daughter from harm whilst keeping Joe at arms-length as long as possible. A fine line to tread indeed!

The tale is a chilling one, all the more so as I could easily imagine it happening in real life. The individual has a twisted grip on reality, is no stranger to crimes and is devoid of remorse for his actions. We are left in no doubt as to what this psychopath and sexual predator is capable of. The tale takes place in winter, a fact which is pivotal to the plot and which adds an extra layer of menace.

June the captive is fortunate in that she has telepathic abilities, which she desperately tries to harness from her prison when she senses the presence of a kindred spirit. Yet it is a struggle to maintain contact and to convey her plight and location to the individual. I was left in suspense as I waited to see whether he recognises her plea and if he does, whether he is able to help her escape in time. Meanwhile Joe becomes more agitated and lost in his belief that June is his and time is running out….

The characters are in the tale are well defined, especially Joe. I found June a little naïve at first but when she realises the reality of the situation she shows a lot of backbone and resourcefulness. In some ways this book reminded me of the TV series Tales of the Unexpected. It will appeal to readers who like a thriller with a hint of the paranormal.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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