*REVIEW* Strands of Sollus by Cheryl Suchacek

DEBUT novel ‘Strands of Sollus’ by Cheryl Suchacek is the first of a series. It is a mix of two different genres of high fantasy and erotica. Book 2 of the series is currently in the making. For more info and to check out some more fantastic artwork on the characters of Strands of Sollus you can check out the website www.strandsofsollus.com.

strands-of-sollus-3Author: Cheryl Suchacek

Title: Strands of Sollus
Genre: Fantasy, erotica
Release date: April 1st 2014

Released by: Dorrance Publishing Co.
Length: 248 pages
Blurb: A contract from the Order of Aurora sends Myst in pursuit of a stolen magic sword. The job soon finds her partnering with Lotus, the rightful owner of the sword, as well as two beings bound to each other, Tol and Grayoch.

In the course of their mission, the group uncovers that behind the theft are sinister forces bent on resurrecting the dark lord, Maridon, in order to overwhelm the forces of light and take over the world of Sollus.

Facing their enemies, Myst finds that not only does she have to contend with Maridon and his minions, she also has to deal with the growing complications of her relationship with Tol and Lotus.


Strands of Sollus is a great introduction to this new and original series. Fans of fantasy, magic and erotica will love this combination of adventure, friendship, mystery and passion. It is recommended that the reader be of 18yrs+ due to the adult content.

Without her knowledge, Lotus’ father, Tobias, is having a magic sword made for her coming-of-age. En route to them, it is stolen and Tobias sends for help to locate and retrieve it. This is where Myst makes an appearance as she is the one that offers to help, and together, with Lotus, they both prepare to find the sword that is rightfully Lotus’s.

The most fascinating aspect of Strands of Sollus are the characters and the strong, passionate relationships that they have with each other. Lotus and Myst hit it off brilliantly, however their relationship is to reach a completely other level after Lotus is subject to an unfortunate ordeal on the night of her coming-of-age. The magic involved leaves her feeling lustful and needy most of the time and she needs help to control and/or abate her powerful feelings of desire.

Not only bound as friends now, but before their mission to retrieve the magic sword, Lotus and Myst agree to be bound with magic anklets, which help share both of their desires. Only, when they reach their peak and they need a release, it is inevitable that they must help each other through their times of need. Myst is incredibly admirable as she volunteers to help with no hesitance whatsoever, whilst there are moments Lotus feels guilty for Myst’s involvement. However, they are both selfless characters and prove themselves and their love for each other again and again. Their bond is like no other.

Circumstances are likely to become a little more awkward when either Myst or Lotus are attracted to the opposite sex and long to have a romantic affair with a man. As they both feel the strength of desire at the same time, it does mean that they would have to share a man and need that man to understand them and want them both. Otherwise, one of them would have to be left out and try to avoid feeling any resentment or jealousy:-

“Surely, you must know by now that what we share is a bonding of the soul,” Myst said softly. “We are kindred spirits moved by the gods. It is a form of love but, perhaps, not the love either of us was looking for. What concerns me is what will happen when you desire another. How will we deal with that if we become linked as these anklets will make us? If you desire him, I will as well. If I am right in my understanding of it, that will be the case, so do we share him if he is willing? I know of few men that would complain, but what if he refuses? Can I distance myself enough to seek another way to sate my own desire, or will I have to seek him out behind your back? A man taking on two mates is not frowned upon, nor is that unusual, but where will your desire end and mine begin, or will they be one and the same?…”

Tol and Grayoch also share a bond, albeit somewhat different. They can speak to each by using their minds. This can add some humour to the story as sometimes they share personal feelings and thoughts that was not intended for the other to hear. They are working together to track down the sword, ready for Lotus and Myst to retrieve it. However, during their search they also learn that a friend of theirs, Leeta, has been kidnapped by the group who took the sword. As they follow the trail, which later separates into two, Tol has the dilemma of choosing his mission over his kidnapped friend. But he is sworn to carry out his mission regardless, which leaves him feeling a great deal of guilt. Will they find Leeta as they continue with their official mission?

When Tol and Grayoch later meet with Myst and Lotus this is where the action takes hold the most as they are nearing the end of their mission and have to work together in the retrieving of the sword. The magic that holds Lotus, however, does have a hold on people around her and Tol feels the attraction and her desire at times, even though subtle initially. The mission is the main focus for him, but as the desires of Lotus and Myst grow it is difficult for him not to be pulled towards them.

The erotic scenes are sensual and written with care as they are woven into the story in a believable manner. However, I did feel at times that aside from the erotic scenes other areas were written in such a way that a younger audience could follow the story as it wasn’t a story that was difficult to follow, and had a slower pace in the middle sections. Towards the end the pace quickens as there is more action and the story pulls together.

The reader will be left curious to the quartet’s next adventure and just how their bonds will grow with each other. Will they find what they are seeking?

A copy of Strands of Sollus was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Strands of Sollus by Cheryl Suchacek is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as Barnes & Noble.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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