**REVIEW** Werewolves of Shade (Beautiful Immortals #3) by Tim O’Rourke

Werewolves of Shade (Part Three) (Beautiful Immortals Series Book 3)Released on 1st March 2015 by Tim O’Rourke, #1 bestselling author of ‘The Kiera Hudson Series’, came ‘Werewolves of Shade’ (Part Three), a werewolf romance with a twist.

When the entire population of Shade go missing, investigative reporter Mila Watson knows this could be the big break she has been waiting for. Setting off into the mountains to the village of Shade, Mila soon learns that the village isn’t as deserted as she first believed it to be and that creatures lurk in the shades…

For readers 16+


This short story series is getting darker! Despite there being so much adventure, there is always a great deal of mystery in Tim’s books, and part 3 of Werewolves of Shade is no exception! Thus far, Mila has left her uncle and best friend/boyfriend in the village of Maze, seeking her parents or what has become of them in the village of Shade. After hearing stories of the beautiful immortals, finding out about the war between the vamps and the wolves, and then hearing a possible myth that a witch ended it all, Mila has come to seek the truth. Believing Shade to be deserted she soon finds out otherwise and meets with Calix, Rea and Rush. This is a MUST-READ series for fans of paranormal, mystery, romance and even horror!

Assigned to replace the former village teacher, Mila has to meet the village children at the school. But she first needs to tackle the dark, mysterious alley where we left her at the end of Werewolves of Shade (Part 2). Not only does it feel claustrophobic and menacing, it seems to almost move and reach out to her – it actually put me in the mind-set of the never-ending alleyway in the film, The Labyrinth, albeit more menacing and terrifying! And just who is it who keeps calling her name? Surely it can’t be all in her head?!

Before she realises it, and not being able to explain how, she ends up on the other side where she meets with a most mysterious man in Augustus Morten. Although appearing to be friendly and kind towards Mila, the reader can’t help but be suspicious of him. As he walks Mila to the school it becomes apparent that he has spoken with Rea and knows a little about Mila. Is he talking to Mila to discover any holes in her story, or is he merely trying to be a friend? Finding out Augustus had been assigned as the village gravedigger made his character to be even more eerie.

The children of Shade seem fairly quiet as Mila begins to learn their names. Although speaking English she is surprised to realise their exercise books are all written in another language she has never seen before. And after, asking some questions, she realises that the children are not as open as she hoped. The story takes a turn when one child tries to answer Mila and is quietened by another. This begins to raise even more suspicion of the people of Shade with both Mila and the reader.

There is certainly more horror and gore in this instalment, following an unfortunate twist of events. But what will Mila make of it all? Is she partly to blame, and even if not, being the new stranger to the village raises suspicion and doubt of her. She is certainly going to have to gain the trust of people there.

Whilst Calix is still quite mean and sharp towards Mila, she can stand up to him. He gets under her skin and irritates her so much. Not forgetting the times when he seems a little full on and gets carried away with Mila, making for some very creepy and cringe-worthy moments! However, I can’t say that I completely dislike him, although a part of me tells me I should. There are times when I feel that his character may open up more and you could change your mind about him.

The one comfort in Shade that Mila has is Rush. He manages to subdue Calix a little and calm the situation, and make sure Mila is alright. They become increasingly close and open up to each other more. There are clearly feelings towards each other, but what of Flint, Mila’s boyfriend and best friend in Maze? Does she really love Flint or are they just friends? Is there really anything happening between Mila and Rush?

Part 3 is another fast-paced adventure with Mila getting deeper and deeper into her life in Shade. With a house, a job and a closeness to Rush, I do ask myself ‘will she ever be able to leave’? If so, how? And what will be her reason for leaving? But before we reach these answers, the biggest questions of all is ‘will she seek what she came to find?’ and ‘will she survive?’

The final twist and cliff hanger in this third instalment of Werewolves of Shade will leave you needing a change of underwear! It is petrifyingly brilliant, psychologically disturbing, just sheer horror that will leave you chilled to the bone!! And to extend the torture, we’ll have to wait until April 4th, 2015 for the next instalment!!!

A copy of Werewolves of Shade #3 was provided by the author in return for an honest and fair review.

Werewolves of Shade (Beautiful Immortals #3) by Tim O’Rourke is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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