**Crystal’s Unicorn** by Jeannie Wise (includes excerpt)

Paranormal Romance

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The once Archangel Vettorio was banished from the heavens cursed by the gods to become the earth’s first Vampire. Tormented to walk the earth alone, craving company and some semblance of family he decided to create another of his kind, Selena. Selena however, is unable to control the power she has been given. She became the creature from which vampire evil and blood lusts were born. She is where the nightmare began! Selena spins further and further out of control when her beloved Vettorio grows distant. Selena’s hatred and jealously grows and festers for over a thousand years, spawning a new era of death and destruction. Only one, born of true love can stop her. The prince born of darkness, Bonaventura is his father’s only hope. Or, will he be to late…

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Jeannie Wise teaser


As the sea began to consume the setting sun in the distance Franco sat on the rocks starring into the waves that were tumbling against the sand.The cold winter air nipped at his face.The beach was his favorite place to think. To be as one nature. Franco had not set foot inside of a church or even prayed since he blamed God for taking Maria away from him six years ago.
” He dropped his jacket on the rocks. Walking to the edge of the surf he began to pray “Father, please prepare me for this journey that you have set before me. I do not understand why have you allowed this? Have you forsaken me as I did you? Is this the start of my tribulation to prove I am still worthy?” Tears began to well up in his dark eyes as he fell to his knees. “Padre mi perdoni per quello che può venire. I ask your forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed against you now . I do not wish to parish without the opportunity to atone.” He took a rosary from his pocket. He hung it around his neck, kissed it and looked to the darkening sky.”My darling I miss you so.” he wiped at the tears streaking down his face.” Watch over our sweet Isabella I fear that I am not fated to survive what is coming.” Franco fell to his knees in the freezing cold surf and wept.”Father, I beg of you to return to me that which I gave up. I do not regret my love of Maria and my Isabella is everything to me; but, I must do this. You know this battle against the darkness is mine to finish. I can not defeat her alone. Please allow me to do your bidding my Lord. To put an end to her plague against humanity. Walk by my side once again.”
Franco banged his open hands against the wet sand. Digging his fingers into the wet sand he closed his hands full around the sand. His anguished body wrenched into a ball screaming from the pain. With one final feral scream he stood ripping away his shirt as his wings tore through his skin.

Pulling back from, he looked into her eyes with a fierce look of tenderness. “After this, there is no turning back. But if you need me to stop, you only have to say so and I will.” Searching her eyes, he felt his mind begging her to not tell him no. He knew he would not be able to handle it. He could stop. But his hunger for her was nearly unbearable. She was his from the moment he laid eyes on her, he felt childish in thinking so, but he knew it to be the truth, she was his and he was hers.
She shook her head and his heart that no longer beat almost crumbled. But her next words were something that he would never forget. “Make me yours Vettorio. I belong to you and I want you to belong to me. By the gods, I do not understand it, but make it so.”

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Author Bio:

I have written for as long as I can remember. Even at a young age writing for me was always an escape where I could lose myself inside my characters in a world of my own creation.

Living in a small town rural area where life is slow and quite suits me well.

Come and stalk her, she loves to hear from her fans:)



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