**REVIEW** Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: Part One by Stephanie Brother

A forbidden love that is dark, and perhaps a little controversial for some, is a particular area of interest for author, Stephanie Brother. As well as bordering on the erotic, Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: Part One begins to explore the attraction between a stepbrother and stepsister, who realise that their instant attraction must be left alone as his father marries her mother. But for Scott and Kady, will this really be the ending to something they haven’t even begun?

Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: PART ONETitle: Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: Part One

Author: Stephanie Brother

Genre: Erotic romance

Release date: March 13th, 2015

Length: 58 pages

Blurb: Steamy Romance and Hot Encounters! From Stephanie Brother’s Premier Collection of tales of sensual romance!
Brett and Kady’s parents were in love. Unfortunately, so were Brett and Kady…

When their parents married, they knew that to entertain any thoughts of being together was hopeless. Brett and Kady had tried very hard to remain aloof and unconnected, and now they were forever doomed to be apart. Or were they?

On the rare times they saw each other, Kady couldn’t help her forbidden attraction to Brett’s muscled, athletic body. She ached to drown in his beautiful blue eyes, and feel his passion as he made love to her. Brett was also madly torn by his intense feelings for Kady. He knew she was not available to him, but his need fought against his strong will…and his emotions were winning over against sound judgment!

When Ted and Sarah married, Kady and Brett realized that their own dreams were now crushed and beyond reach. But then, Brett’s business success propelled him to the upper echelons of the rich and famous, where things took a decidedly unusual turn.

Follow the erotic romantic adventures of these two very different couples, as their world is suddenly turned upside down, as they try to figure out what is right, wrong, forbidden or even allowed! 


Stephanie Brother certainly likes to take her readers to the forbidden areas of our imagination in her new erotic romance series of Billionaire Stepbrother. The conflict here of course are the step-siblings feeling an immense attraction for each other, yet as soon as their parents marry they know that their attraction can only remain as just that. Or can it?

This short story is told from all four points of view – the step-siblings, Scott and Kady, and their parents, Ted (Scott’s father) and Sarah (Kady’s mom). The first chapter provides some background to Sarah’s situation and how she meets Ted. And Chapter Two is Ted’s point of view, which does repeat much of Chapter One.

The story then builds up feelings between Scott and Kady, with their parents completely oblivious whilst enjoying their own new love. There are twists and turns with Scott and Kady’s relationship as they go through various stages. There’s the attraction, avoidance (once their dad/mum marry), Scott’s career take-off, and other relationships, until they finally meet up later in the story.

And, for me, Kady seems to be the strongest character. She is believable, and although she has tried other distractions she knows that she wants Scott. There is a little lustful scene where Kady imagines Scott is being intimate with her, and the reader can clearly gauge that she is hot for him! However, although there was a spark between them, she is not completely certain he feels the same towards her.

There is a little more drama towards the end when they meet up, and just as the reader begins to get into it the story ends. Hopefully Part Two will pick up where we left off and become more intense and suspenseful.

I was hoping for the story to mostly concentrate on Scott and Kady, and feel that the story would have benefitted being told just from their point of views. That said, Addiction is only part one of the series, and getting to know all the characters involved early on is important for the reader to fully understand their circumstances.

Inside Addiction, there is a nice sample before the main story, which is a good snippet to taste. But when read in it’s full context as part of the whole story it becomes even clearer. There is also an excerpt from Torn by My Two Stepbrothers – Sinner for reader’s to also taste!

A copy of the book was provided by the author’s agent in return for an honest and fair review.

Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: Part One by Stephanie Brother is available at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Author bio

Stephanie Brother writes scintillating stories with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. She’s always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart. As she writes her way to her dream job, Stephanie hopes that her readers will enjoy the full emotional and romantic experience as much as she’s enjoyed writing them.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

About Caroline Barker

I am a happily engaged mother of three and I absolutely love to read and write. Therefore, I am setting up a book blog in the hope to influence some readers out there!

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