**REVIEW** ~ Lady Harriet’s Unusual Reward, by Em Taylor

Sensual Regency Romance

Book Blurb

Lady HarrietLady Harriet Weatherby is at the end of her tether. Her brother, the Earl of Oldbeck is running amok. That would not normally be her problem, but the ton consider the earl to be an imbecile. Since her father died, he has had no one to guide him and he will no longer listen to Harriet. And now that Mary the kitchen maid is carrying his child, Harriet sees no other option but to marry. And there is only one man for the job.

Two years ago Lord Stephen Charville, a widower and second son of a duke, promised Lady Harriet that he would do her any favour she asked him as thanks for saving his daughters life when she nearly drowned. He did not expect her to turn up at his townhouse and ask him to marry her and set an example to her brother. There is nothing wrong with Lady Harriet and he’s not averse to helping out her brother, he just has no inclinations to marry again. And for the record, he’s no tragic hero, pining away for his lost love. The problem is that Harriet begins to burrow her way into his affections.

When Lord Stephen offers without marriage to help the earl to learn the ways of the world, Harriet is still determined that the only way to do the job properly is for them to marry but she agrees to do it Lord Stephen’s way. No one is more surprised than Harriet when she begins to have feelings for the dissolute second son or when he begins to ignite passions in her she’d never dreamed existed, all the while trying to keep her errant brother out of trouble and way from scandal.


My Review *****

Riotous and Entertaining  

Em Taylor’s Regency Romances are like a breath of fresh air as her heroes and heroines are always such entertaining characters, and Lady Harriet’s Unusual Reward is no exception. In it Lady Harriet, the sassy heroine, requests a VERY unusual reward from the swoon worthy widower Lord Stephen, in this humorous, heart-warming and sensual read.

I was intrigued by the title from the off, even more so when I read the blurb and found that the heroine Harriet actually asks the hero Stephen to marry her, which is, as the title suggests, an uncommon occurrence! Harriet is in dire need of a man’s help in managing her brother who has learning difficulties. His antics are getting more and more out of hand and his latest escapade has succeeded in him making the kitchen maid pregnant. I should explain that Stephen committed himself to granting Harriet any favour she desires after she saved the life of his daughter. I just loved the fact that the favour she requested was his hand in marriage, which the gentleman concerned did not expect!

I liked Harriet. She is extremely forthright and very capable, a sassy heroine who is dedicated to protecting her brother and enabling him to live his life to the full, which I found heartening.

Stephen is a man any woman would love to call their own. He is honourable, a good sport, and very attractive, with a devilish sense of humour. He empathises with Harriet’s situation from the off and does his utmost to instruct her brother in the ways of the ton, in some highly diverting passages.

I loved how the relationship between Harriet and Stephen develops, particularly how their mutual attraction and respect grow over time. Their lovemaking scenes are highly romantic and sensual. I also found the scenes between William, Harriet’s brother and Mary to be loving and extremely passionate.  The contrast between their antics and the more decorous (albeit passionate) relationship between Harriet and Stephen was particularly entertaining!

Although first and foremost a sensual romance, I also found the tale to be a great comedy of manners and an examination of how learning difficulties were viewed in the period.

Lady Harriet’s Unusual Reward is a fast-paced, sensual read with extremely diverting characters and plot, which I recommend to lovers of Regency Romance.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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