**REVIEW** Werewolves of Shade (Beautiful Immortals #4) by Tim O’Rourke

As we begin this fourth instalment of the short story, paranormal fantasy series, Werewolves of Shade, we notice early on that the terror is turned up a few notches, sending fear to an incredible level. There is certainly more mystery to come, but with this added level of horror you’ll certainly be wanting to lock your doors and hide down under those covers as much as possible…

Werewolves of Shade (Part Four) (Beautiful Immortals Series Book 4)Title: Werewolves of Shade (Beautiful Immortals #4)

Author: Tim O’Rourke

Genre: Paranormal fantasy

Release date: April 4th, 2015

Released by: Ravenwoodgreys

Length: 72 pages

Blurb: From Tim O’Rourke #1 bestselling author of ‘The Kiera Hudson Series’ comes ‘Werewolves of Shade’ a werewolf romance with a twist.

When the entire population of Shade go missing, investigative reporter Mila Watson knows this could be the big break she has been waiting for. Setting off into the mountains to the village of Shade, Mila soon learns that the village isn’t as deserted as she first believed it to be and that creatures lurk in the shades…

‘Werewolves of Shade’ (Part Four)

Note: This ends in a cliff-hanger. Part five will be published within the next few weeks.

For readers 16+


This is another winner for me, and yet more proof that Tim O’Rourke‘s writing is better than ever. To be able to pack a short story with so much emotion, mystery and horror, as well as to keep the reader informed of the plotline is amazing, and Werewolves of Shade has it all. In the latest instalment the horror is built up tremendously, the excitement is terrific, and the intensity is dark and profound.

One of the most surprising turn-ups is Clarabel, the twin sister of the recently deceased Annabel. Being the new teacher in the village, Mila is aware that Clarabel hasn’t attended school and she has never seen in her in the village before. After being given the reason that Clarabel has been absent due to illness, Mila’s suspicions still run high as it still doesn’t explain that there are ten seats in the class when surely there should be eleven?

Nobody had mentioned Clarabel before. Her intimate talk with Rush the previous evening doesn’t quite make sense now. He knew she was upset about Annabel’s death, they’d talked about it at length. Yet Clarabel was never mentioned! He’d also previously told her that the last school teacher had been some old woman, and yet now a younger Julia Miller has been mentioned. But why would Rush have lied to her?

Not only that but Mila is also left questioning her thoughts after a terrifying experience with the wolf who stands outside her cottage. She wakes the next morning unable to remember certain events, and so surely it must have been a dream? However, some evidence suggests that the ordeal was as real as it felt! Did she really see the wolf change shape? How did her nightie get torn to shreds? And, where did those scratches that make the full length of her back come from?

There are more twists to come as Mila tries to figure out if Rush has lied to her, and if so, why? Can she really trust gravedigger, Augustus Morten? And Calix – is he really as grotesque and annoying as he seems?

This whole instalment kept me gripped and on my toes, with some terrific scenes of horror, some scenes heightening in the heat level, and plenty of mystery as always with O’Rourke. That said, the biggest dread of all for Tim’s readers is the wait until the next instalment (due May 16th 2015)!

A copy of Werewolves of Shade (Beautiful Immortals #4) was provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review.

You can purchase Werewolves of Shade #4 at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Reviewed by Caroline Barker

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