**REVIEW** ~ Toy Boy, by Lily Harlem

Erotic Cougar Romance 

Book Blurb

Toy BoyGetting something unexpected can be a shock, but it can also be a wonderful treat, if you allow yourself to indulge, that is.

Kay is bubbling with excitement. She’s booked a sailing holiday of a lifetime in Greece with a man she’s fallen for hook, line and sinker. They met on the Internet. She’s from Oxford, he’s from Washington State. She’s a business lecturer, he runs his own successful business.

They’re perfect for each other, and she can’t wait to meet him and spend time in and out of his bed, allowing him to seduce her for real and not just with softly spoken words over the telephone.

But when she arrives in the idyllic port of Fiscardo, she’s in for a shock. There’s a reason Sullivan’s photographs were grainy, and it’s not because he’s sporting a potbelly or balding as she’d suspected. It’s because he’s over a decade younger than her and could rival any Greek god in the looks department. What’s more, his sex appeal and lust for her is off the scale.

Should Kay take what she can with her ‘toy boy’ and have some fun in the sun or hop on the first plane back to England? It’s a tricky decision for a woman who believed she couldn’t be surprised by life anymore.

Sun Filled Sensual Adventure! *****

This is such a romantic and sensual read! Kick off your shoes, shed your clothes along with your inhibitions and indulge yourself in a sun filled sensual adventure. I must admit, the premise of Toy Boy got me all a quiver from the off, as Kay and Sullivan, who have been having an online relationship for over a year, meet for the first time in Greece. Imagine Kay’s shock and anger when she  arrives and sees that the man she has given her heart to is 14 years her junior. What is a woman to do?

Although Sullivan is drop dead gorgeous and Kay wants to rip his clothes off, she views herself a far too old for him and intends to fly back home to the UK as soon as possible. However, Sullivan and the magic of the Greek islands have other ideas…. Indeed, there are a series of deliciously decadent scenes on board Sullivan’s yacht as it ploughs through the waters of the Ionian sea. Sexual tension and passion sizzle in the Greek sun as Kay and Sullivan explore both the beautiful landscape and examine their emotions. Will Kay succumb to the attraction she feels for Sullivan or will she just enjoy the holiday and return home, leaving her relationship with Sullivan in her past?

I loved the character of Sullivan. He was determined to convince Kay that their age difference was not an issue and that they are soul-mates. I was really rooting for Kay to find a HEA with Sullivan and I adored how he encourages her to let go of her inhibitions and her pre-conceptions. I enjoyed the agony and the ecstacy of their journey and what a beautiful backdrop to their story!

I recommend Toy Boy to readers of erotic romance who are looking for a truly romantic read.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

A copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

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