**RELEASE BLITZ** ~ Hot Summer Reads: An Anthology of Erotic Stories

 Super erotic fiction anthology – FREE 23-25th May 2015

Adult/18+ Read

We love to support emerging authors and sharing their work through our blog and were thrilled when author Freya Lange contacted us to share a brand new summer-themed anthology of erotic fiction, written by ten of her most talented writing partners. Anthologies are great for readers as they allow us to sample new authors. Once more this anthology is FREE 23-25th May!

I have been lucky enough to read a number of excerpts from the anthology (thank you Freya) and you can read an excerpt from one, A Midsummer’s Evening by Ella Wilding below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tina ❤

HotCover copy

More about the anthology:

  • It contains 100% original, never before published stories
  • All eleven stories are 8k-10k words long
  • Written by four female authors and seven male authors
  • By authors who identify as straight and gay, bisexual, or queer
  • By authors aged early-thirties to mid-sixties
  • Mostly romantic but also features historical, sci-fi, and erotic horror stories
  • Inclusive of straight, gay, and lesbian couple scenes and menage scenes
  • Not a collection of first chapters and cliff hangers

HotSummerReadsOneSheet copy

Excerpt from A Midsummer’s Evening by Ella Wilding

EllaAngel copy

Holly and her Master navigate their blooming relationship at an anniversary party in a garden full of fairy lights and love.


Holly was passed around the dance floor for song after song, eventually ending up in her Master’s arms. The moment he wrapped his arms around her the buzzing inside her started again, and she gasped, her eyes wide. She leaned into him, feeling his now familiar hands on her and closed her eyes for a moment as Air Supply sang on in the background. Her mind whirled as she opened her eyes and took in the people around her. They were dancing closely, too closely, but he held her tightly, and the buzzing within her made her mind fog with sensation. He slowly twirled her around the dance floor and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “I adore you, my little Tinkerbell.”

Her breath was beginning to quicken as he held her, and a flush rose in her cheeks. She looked up at him, and he smirked, knowing her discomfort and heat within this crowd. The pleasure in his eyes as always filled her full of warmth. Her parents drifted past her on the dance floor, and she stepped back slightly from Marcus, who tightened his grip on her. “You look hot,” her mother called out, “Take her to get a drink and some fresh air, Marcus.”

“I could use some cold water,” Holly admitted as her parents danced away.

“A little hot and bothered?” he grinned at her. She nodded her eyes bright. “Good,” he said and the buzzing stopped abruptly. Taking her over to the bar he got her a glass of ice and water, and they walked together to one of the comfortable alcoves dotted around the edge of the tent. The party was starting to wind down, and people who had a long drive home were were beginning to leave.

“This was a great night. Dad did a great job. I have never seen Mum so relaxed at one of her own parties. Thanks for helping him.” She turned her face up to him, noting an odd look in his eyes. He grabbed her hand then and dragged her after him as he strode away from the marquee into the darkness. She squeaked as he pinned her against the far side of a tree, out of view of the party guests, and bent to kiss her deeply.

“Mine,” he murmured as he kissed her again. The buzzing started again, quickly growing more intense, and his hands pulled at the bodice of her top until his fingers closed around her nipples. Twisting them sharply, he smothered her squeals with a kiss as he tormented her. He stepped back, taking his jacket off and draping it over her shoulders and wings before pushing her back roughly, devouring her mouth again. His fingers moved down her body. Pulling her costume aside, he rubbed and twisted her clit until her legs shook. He probed inside her with his other hand pulling the egg from her and stuffing it in his pocket.

Unzipping his pants, he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his hips, and entered her. His mouth latched onto hers, stealing her cries of pleasure. Their pent up tensions from the long afternoon and evening converged to make them both come hard and fast after only a few minutes. “I cannot get enough of you, little one.” He was breathing heavily, as he pulled back and lowered her down, regarding her with soft eyes. She gazed back at him with troubled eyes. “Tell me what is in that pretty head of yours, little one.”

Holly’s mind rolled, and she chewed her lip. She peeked around the edge of the tree, “If I stay with you, will we always be secretive like this and never like them? Like the couples holding hands and kissing in there?”

“Why wouldn’t we?” Marcus asked.

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